Transmedia Activism_SilverDocs presentation


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Transmedia Activism_SilverDocs presentation

  1. 1. Transmedia Activism Lina Srivastava SilverDocs/TFI Transmedia Lab June 2011 Transmedia Ac-vism
  2. 2. Transmediatechnique of extending a core storyacross multiple platforms and formatsthrough coordination strategy integration design immersion content Transmedia Ac-vism
  3. 3. Transmedia ActivismFramework for strategy to create social impact raise awareness influence perception through storytelling by decentralized authors who share assets + create entry points into issues and solutions across multiple forms of media Transmedia Ac-vism
  4. 4. Using Transmedia to Create Impact Ac#onable  ContentIssue Awareness  Engagement  Action  Change Story Universe Transmedia Ac-vism
  5. 5. Why is This Important?“By collectivizing ownership of narrative,transmedia breaks down the “us” and “them”:It is no longer “you” supporting ”our” workto help “them.” Rather, it is all of us workingtogether to meet and overcome a challenge.” --David Jammy Transmedia Ac-vism
  6. 6. Why is This Important?Engagement Participation Action Strategy, Coordination, IntegrationEntry PointsStory BuildingDiverse PerspectiveImmersion Transmedia Ac-vism
  7. 7. Transmedia Ac-vism
  8. 8. Transmedia Activism: Some Examples Others’ Work:BreakthroughHalf the SkyCollapsusNational Parks of Canada Transmedia Activism
  9. 9. Transmedia Activism: Some Examples Our Work: Transmedia Activism
  10. 10. Who Is Dayani Cristal? Transmedia Ac-vism
  11. 11. 3 GenerationsCreating a transmedia activist organization: The End of Atrocity Transmedia Ac-vism
  12. 12. 3 GenerationsI’m a Victim, Not a Criminal... Transmedia Ac-vism
  13. 13. What’s next in transmedia?Transmedia + designTransmedia + business modelsTransmedia = economic generatorTransmedia create shared ownership // local ownership∴Transmedia in emerging markets Transmedia Ac-vism
  14. 14. About MeLina Srivastava (@lksriv)http://linasrivastava.com Transmedia Ac-vism