"Performing Change": Narrative Design for Social Justice


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Part of the Eyebeam series of talks on "Performing Change: Tactical Fiction for Alternative Realities"-- exploring the potential of inventive forms of storytelling to penetrate and change reality, and captivating plots and characters who perform via pervasive media can actively engage the public in alternative scenarios that inform, educate and inspire.

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"Performing Change": Narrative Design for Social Justice

  1. 1. Performing Change: Narrative Design for Social Justice Eyebeam | Performing Change | October 19, 2013
  2. 2. Movements + campaigns + social impact projects need + cohesive narrative + shared goals + common identity linasrivastava.com | eyebeam
  3. 3. CULTURE + STORYTELLING are connective tissue that binds us together as humans linasrivastava.com | eyebeam
  4. 4. Human needs costs opportunities possibilities linasrivastava.com | eyebeam
  5. 5. Transmedia Activism Process where integral elements of a story are dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of creating a unified and coordinated experience. Each medium makes it own unique contribution to the unfolding of the story. Framework for strategy to + Create social impact + Influence perception + Build community + Highlight human stories through fragmented storytelling by communities who share assets + create entry points into issues and solutions across multiple forms of media linasrivastava.com | eyebeam
  6. 6. Why is This Important? + How to Tell a Story Together + How to Tell a Story of Complexity + How to Tell a Story Based in Reality or Imagination but always based on stories of individuals linasrivastava.com | eyebeam
  7. 7. By collectivizing ownership of narrative, transmedia breaks down the “us” and “them.” --David Jammy linasrivastava.com | transmedia activism | Ambulante eyebeam
  8. 8. Why is This Important? Framing narrative is a political act. linasrivastava.com | eyebeam
  9. 9. What I Look for in Transmedia Activism Projects + Community-centered participation “local voice” in direct partnership with platform creators + Move beyond awareness connecting targeted audiences to commit to a particular worldview, advocacy agenda, or action, by using local storytellers + Platforms linasrivastava.com | eyebeam that are culturally appropriate
  10. 10. linasrivastava.com | eyebeam
  11. 11. linasrivastava.com | eyebeam
  12. 12. Curate and cross-reference stories of survivors of different conflicts to show common experience of genocide survivors. linasrivastava.com | eyebeam
  13. 13. Risks and Challenges + Intellectual property concerns + Gulf between theory, critique, and practice + Love of the platform and technology linasrivastava.com | eyebeam Intentionality + Creating rigor and around and recognizing the intentionality behind "citizen" media + Parsing out the fine lines between story to engagement to propaganda + Bridging the engagement/action gap.
  14. 14. Lina Srivastava http://linasrivastava.com info@linasrivastava.com @lksriv linasrivastava.com | eyebeam