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NYWIFT Transmedia Presentation

  1. 1. Transmedia Storytelling and Community Engagement: Transmedia Activism Lina Srivastava | NYWIFT April 2012
  2. 2. Transmediatechnique of extending a core storyacross multiple platforms and formatsthrough coordination strategy integration design/architecture immersion content Transmedia Ac-vism
  3. 3. Transmedia Activism Framework for strategy to - Create social impact - Influence perception - Build community through storytelling by decentralized authors who share assets + create entry points into issues and solutions across multiple forms of media Transmedia Activism
  4. 4. Using Transmedia to Create Social Impact Actionable ContentIssue Awareness  Engagement  Action  Change Story Universe Transmedia Activism
  5. 5. Why is This Important?+ How to Tell a Story+ How to Tell a Story Together+ How to Tell a Story of a System, of Complexity+ How to Tell a Story that is ++ an Element of Change ++ a Predicate for a Movement Transmedia Ac-vism
  6. 6. Why is This Important toCommunity Engagement?ParticipationEntry PointsStory Building Co-Creation Co-Production Collaboration Multiple (Diverse) Perspective Transmedia Ac-vism
  7. 7. “By collectivizing ownership of narrative,transmedia breaks down the “us” and“them”It is no longer “you” supporting ”our” workto help “them.” Rather, it is all of us workingtogether to meet and overcome achallenge” --David Jammy Transmedia Activism
  8. 8. Transmedia Ac-vism
  9. 9. Narrative + Social Action Assessing Your Social Change Model Co-designing narrative with social action is a challenging exercise in achieving simple, engaging stories that yet capture nuance, complexity, and multiple perspectives. In any social change campaign where you co-design narrative with action to create positive impact in a community, ask yourself if your campaign meets these three conditions: + Respect + Relevance + ResonanceFull model available at http://www.slideshare.net/lksriv/the-3-rs-co Transmedia Ac-vism
  10. 10. What I Look for in Transmedia Activism Projects + It has at its core the use of local voice, in direct partnership with the platform creators, aiming at community-centered participation. + It uses its platform to move beyond awareness, to connect audiences and change agents to commit to a particular worldview, advocacy or action, by using these local stories and art. +Uses a number of platforms that are culturally appropriate to cross borders to foster transformation. Transmedia Ac-vism
  11. 11. Who Is Dayani Cristal? http://whoisdayanicristal.com Core: Voice Amplification andCommunity-centered social action Transmedia Ac-vism
  12. 12. Texthttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0Sc2wu51-E
  13. 13. Audiences | Fans | Community +Haitians in-country +Haitian Diaspora +Fans of World music +Arts/activism +People who helped post- http://twitter.com/LakouMizik earthquake and whowww.facebook.com/LakouMizik need to reengage Transmedia Activism
  14. 14. Social Music Platforms: + How do you keep a community engaged with these tools and platforms? + How do you cut through the noise? + How do you create and harness empathy?Transmedia Activism
  15. 15. http://3generations.orghttp://twitter.com/3generations
  16. 16. Risks and Challenges+ Intellectual property concerns+ Love of the platform and technology+ Intentionality | Stewardship+ Gap between engagement and action+ Simplified narratives+ Respect, relevance, resonance Transmedia Ac-vism
  17. 17. Lina Srivastavahttp://linasrivastava.cominfo@linasrivastava.com@lksriv