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  • Charles Dickens questions

    1. 1. Common questions of Charles Dickens a keynote by Lachlan Knowles
    2. 2. Who was he? Charles Dickens, or Charles John HuffamDickens, was a writer who lived from 7 February 1812 to 9 June 1870. He wrote many famousbooks including Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol and many more. He is regarded by most as the greatest novelist of the Victorian period.
    3. 3. Why is he so famous? Dickens fame began when the Pickwick Paperswas published as a series. After a while he was an internationally known celebrity and people werelining up for his books. Dickens has written many books and all of the are good
    4. 4. What did he do? Dickens did many things in his life but his soleoccupation was writing he was a journalist and a novelist and worked, for a short time, at a bootblackener factory. Raising children and having two wives were another two things that he did among many others.
    5. 5. When did he write?Dickens wrote throughout his fifty-eightyear long life and wrote many books and hundreds of short stories that were published in many papers.
    6. 6. Where did he write/ live? Dickens was travelling while he was a journalistand so writ whenever he could early on. Later he settled down and wrote the rest of his works. He also had a few moves once he had settled down and had a couple of wives as well leaving one for an actress he had hired.
    7. 7. How did he start writing? Dickens originally wanted to become a famous actor. He was going to go to an audition that he missed because of the flu. Still thinking of fame, he published his first story a year later: “A Dinner at Poplar Walk”. As he was writing hisfirst few stories and novels, he was also doing thejob of a journalist. So he had plenty of practise to write all day every day.
    8. 8. How do we still now about him?We know about Dickens not only because of his many famous books but also his influence in the English language. He made up many common idioms and phrases not unlike Shakespeare did. The difference between these two famouswriters is that Dickens was much more famous in his own time instead of after he died like Shakespeare.
    9. 9. Bibliography• Charles_Dickens