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Summer reads non fic 2013


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Published in: Education
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Summer reads non fic 2013

  1. 1. REAL-ly great new reads(non-fiction 2013)West Seniors
  2. 2. Eric Greitens shares his life journey frombeing an average kid to working to make adifference in the worlds trouble spots andjoining the Navy SEALS to protect the weak,and encourages readers to reflect on thepower of choice and acts of courage.
  3. 3. Relates the experiencesof thirty-three Chileanminers who weretrapped two thousandfeet below the surfaceof the earth in August2010.
  4. 4. Examines the alimentarycanal and the digestivesystem, answering suchquestions as, canconstipation kill a person,why the stomach doesntdigest itself, how muchcan be eaten before thestomach bursts, andmore.
  5. 5. Howard Dully recounts how thelobotomy he had at age twelveimpacted every aspect of his life,leaving him struggling to getthrough each day, until, decadesafter the surgery, he was able topull himself together and uncoverthe truth about why his parentsmade him have the operation.
  6. 6. "Readers will learnabout the generalrequirements forpermits, driverstests, different kindsof licenses, learningto drive, dangerousbehavior, and otherareas related todriving"--
  7. 7. Traces the history ofthe TOMS shoecompany andexplains thecompanys One forOne movement,which emphasizesgiving back to thecommunity andpursuing onespassions and findingmeaning in everydaylife.
  8. 8. Offers templatesand instructions forcreating a differentcraft project everyday of the year,including magnets,cupcake toppers,garlands, cards, andmore. Includesweekly themes andseasonal projects.
  9. 9. A humorous andpersonalbiography ofcomedian,StephenColbert, star ofThe ColbertReport.
  10. 10. Hope Solo, theheadline-makinggoalkeeper for theU.S. womensnational soccerteam, describesfamily, loss, andreconciliation in thismemoir.
  11. 11. Gabrielle DouglasUnited Statesgymnast all-aroundgold medal winner atthe 2012 LondonOlympics tells herstory of faith,perseverance, anddetermination.
  12. 12. A biography ofSteve Jobs, focusingon his intensepersonality andcreative success asthe founder ofApple, based oninterviews with Jobsand more than ahundred, friends,family, andcolleagues.
  13. 13. Nearly thirty soldiersfrom all branches ofthe military whohave won the U.S.shighest militaryhonors describetheir experiences inAfghanistan andIraq.
  14. 14. An introduction tothe life of BenedictArnold thathighlights not onlythe traitorousactions that madehim legendary, butalso his heroicinvolvement in theAmericanRevolution.
  15. 15. Read likeyour lifedepends on it!