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Cable tray testing


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Cable tray testing

  1. 1. Galvanizing & Testing of material shall confirm to the latest edition of following standardsRecommended Practices for Hot Dip Galvanized of 1. IS 2629 (1966).-Recommended practices for hot dip galvanizing of Iron MS Tray 2. IS 2633 (1972)-Method of Testing, Weight, Thickness and Uniformity of coating on Hot Dip Galvanized Article. 3. IS 5358 (1969)-Specification for coating fasteners. 4. IS 3203-Specification of Zinc Coating ThicknessAcceptance Test: 1. Visual examination test- 2. Dimensional verification length, width, height, thickness of sheet - 3. Galvanizing Test.Hot Dip Galvanizing: 1. As per BS 729-1971, 610 gm/m2 – 80 micron. 2. IS 4759: 1966- Average zinc coating with not less than 600 gm/m2. 3. IS 2633- 1972 Galvanising quality. 4. Zn 98 as specified in IS 209- 1966.610 gm of zinc per square meter surface with approximate thickness off 80 micron. Zinc coatingshould be smooth, clean and uniform thickness and free from defects like ash and dross inclusion,bare patches, black spots, pimples, lumpiness, rust stain blisters etc.Quality of coating will be established by test as per IS-2633.All manufacturing work including punching, cutting, bending and welding of cable trays will becompleted and burrs shall be removed before application of galvanizing process. Zinc should confirmto at least Grade Zn98 as specified in IS 209- 1966.