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Infographic: How Millennials Feel About Data Targeting & Online Privacy


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IDG Research Services conducted a survey of a group of millennials (18-34 years old) who have an interest in technology— e.g. tech marketers, tech decision makers and consumers, in both the B2C and B2B space. The results basically show two perspectives: Data targeting is OK as long as the millennials save money or get relevant offers; and that data targeting and online privacy is a fact of online life but it makes them uneasy. This infographic also takes a look at/compares the 35+ audience and their thoughts on online privacy.

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Infographic: How Millennials Feel About Data Targeting & Online Privacy

  1. 1. Millennials Insights from Tech Decision Makers & Consumers Attitudes Regarding Data Targeting & Online Privacy We’re moving to an era of public by default, private by effort. Donna Boyd, Social Media Researcher Microsoft Research/NYU How do you feel about companies collecting and analyzing personal data for the purpose of delivering targeted advertising/information to you? * * who have an * This group of Millennials: 18-34 yrs old tech decision interest in technology (e.g. tech marketers, * makers and consumers, both in B2C and B2B) 67% agree “It’s OK with me as long as I get relevant offers, advertising, or information” 64% “Companies having access to my personal data or web behavior makes me feel uneasy” 65% agree 62% “It’s OK with me as long as I save money” “Data targeting is inevitable, regardless if I like it or not” Data targeting can positively impact customer-marketer relationships M M 44% M Of millennials generally notice and appreciate when companies target offers/communications to their interests Millennials 95% 35+ yrs old Have taken action to protect their online privacy BUT Millennials are less likely to opt out of targeted advertising than older peers What actions have you taken to protect your online privacy? (out of 10 people) 7 Deleted cookies 8 Changed social media privacy settings to be more restrictive 7 6 Uninstalled an app 6 Research Services 8 Provided false or incomplete info on social media 7 Changed browser settings 5 Opted out of targeted advertising 8 8 3 Changed to a different website/service 3 Stopped using an online service 3 4 2 5 Source: IDG Research, 2013 Millennials and Media