Meditation and kabbalah by aryeh kaplan the light of the torah


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Meditation and kabbalah by aryeh kaplan the light of the torah

  1. 1. Meditation and Kabbalah by Aryeh Kaplan A Classic By The Late Rabbi Aryeh KaplanMeditative methods of Kabbalah. A lucid presentation of the meditativemethods, mantras, mandalas and other devices used, as well as apenetrating interpretation of their significance in the light of contemporarymeditative research.Features:* ISBN13: 9780877286165* Condition: NEW* Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.* Click here to view our Condition Guide and Shipping PricesPersonal Review: Meditation and Kabbalah by Aryeh KaplanThis book is not as potentially rewarding to a beginner but requires someknowledge before reading. It is a good idea to know a little bit about thevarious famed Rabbis, who they were, where they lived, and what theywere famous for. It is also a good idea to have some reasonable level ofexperience of meditation and prayer, and to have had some directexperience with devekut and feel comfortable and validated in onesexperience. It is also good to have a basic gr ounding in theoreticalKaballah and the sefirot. Maybe more than basic.So, if the above paragraph describes you, this book is an astoundinglygreat book. First of all, the historical timeline of the rabbis and theirinterelationships is easy to understand and is very synthetic. I also foundthe presentation of Abulafias permutation methods to be easilyunderstandable and surprisingly easy to put into practice (the first oneanyway). I can hear the angels now whining about my newfound attemptsto permute the Tetragrammation, who do these puny humans think theyare anyway?I have edited this review as I recently finished the book. This is aphenomenal book. The first text that I have read which provides anorganized understanding of the timeline and rabbinic players in theongoing tradition of Jewish mysticism. From Abulafia to Cordovero to RebVitale to the Ari and the Baal Shem Tov, all of the important rabbinicfigures, their contributions and their historical relevance are coherentlysummarized. I wish that I had read this book a lot earlier. But even better,Kaplan provides a summary of the yichudim and meditations used by the
  2. 2. masters here in the text. Although there is a slightly amusing warning inthe beginning of the text that you cannot read the text in a bathroombecause it contains the names of God, there emerges a much clearerunderstanding why the publishing of this material can be consideredpotentially dangerous. The clear meaning of the commandment regardingnot taking Gods name in vain is apparent after reading this book. The useof these meditations and yichudim without near perfect intent by people isthe ultimate meaning of taking Gods name in vain. In other words, it ismisuse of the names of God. Used in the correct manner, the book isfabulous. For More 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price:Meditation and Kabbalah by Aryeh Kaplan 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price!