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Sharetec statement marketing & transpromo

  1. 1. Statement Marketing OptionsGetting the Most Out of Transpromo Statement Marketing
  2. 2. LKCS
  3. 3. Data Systems of Texas and Sharetec• LKCS currently processes statements for over50 Sharetec clients• Close working relationship with Data Systems ofTexas and Sharetec
  4. 4. Statement Reformatting• Ability to modify the statement layout to makestatements easier to read and understand– Fonts– Account Headings– Graphics– Data Alignment / Columns– Data Suppression– Data Merging
  5. 5. Typical Sharetec Statement
  6. 6. Reformatted Sharetec Statement
  7. 7. Alternate Sharetec Format
  8. 8. Check Images (Optional)
  9. 9. Transpromo Statement Marketing• What is Transpromo?– Transpromo is a compound expression formed from the words"transaction" and "promotional".– By adding relevant messages, you can piggyback targetedpromotions and advertising onto existing transaction-relateddocuments, such as statements.– Transpromotional documents combine and data mining andbusiness intelligence technology with variable data printing.• TAKE ADVANTAGE OF “FREE” POSTAGE!– Include targeted advertising with your statements
  10. 10. Transpromo Options• Statement Ads/Onserts– LKCS print ads directly on your statements for pennies.– Ads sent to all members OR we can target specific groups of membersto receive one or more of these messages.– You are no longer limited to short, text-only messages. Includegraphics, logos, fonts, photos, etc. Even personalize the ads.– Same technology enables loan payment coupons, rate grids, regulatorynotices, etc. to be delivered on your statements.– Design the ads yourself, select concepts from our online catalog, orhave LKCS custom-design ads just for you.
  11. 11. Statement Onserts
  12. 12. Sharetec Statement Sample
  13. 13. More Transpromo• Statement Letters– Include personalized direct mailletters as the first page of youraccount statements.NO EXTRA POSTAGE!– According to the DMA,personalized letters remain as themost effective direct mail method.– Use for pre-approvals, referralcampaigns, skip-a-pay, investmentrelationships, welcome newmembers, etc.
  14. 14. Statement Letters• Pre-Screen Loan Campaigns
  15. 15. Statement Marketing• Selective Inserting– Take statement stuffers one step further.– Target which members receive certain inserts.Selectively insert brochures, flyers and newsletters bycriteria you select such as:• Account relationships• Account balances• Account activity• Geography• ANY other conditions identifiable in your statement data• ANY other conditions identifiable in a separate control file.
  16. 16. Statement Marketing (continued)• Envelope Backprinting– Try to open an envelope without seeing the back side.– The back of the envelope is a billboard. Use this space.– INEXPENSIVE – LKCS charges just over 1 cent per envelope– Choose from our stock designs each quarter, have LKCScustom-design an ad for you, or supply your own unique ad.
  17. 17. E-Statements• Clearly the future formajority of accountstatements• Including statementmarketing is just asimportantAll transpromotechniques can beincorporatedinto Sharetece-statements!
  18. 18. Top 5 Reasons to Use TransPromo NOW!• REASON #1: Statements get opened and readSource: InfoTrends Trans Meets Promo…Is it More than Market Hype?
  19. 19. Reason #2: Transpromo Saves Money• Reduce postage costs– More than 75% of the cost of mail is attributed to postage.Aggregate direct marketing messages or notifications withdocuments that are already going into the mailstream.• Transpromo reduces overall printing costs– Determine which documents can be combined to decreasethe volume of communications while maximizing overalleffectiveness. This translates to overall savings in printthrough the combination of direct mail and transactiondocuments.
  20. 20. Reason #3: Supports Migration to E-Statements• LKCS’ E-Statements are IDENTICAL to paperstatements – including all transpromo marketingelements.• Utilize transpromo to provide incentives onpaper statements and notices for accountholders to adopt e-statements.• Color doesn’t cost more on e-statements.
  21. 21. Reason #4: Transpromo is Green• The fundamental concept with TransPromo is that themessage or offer is embedded in the transactionaldocument.• Replacing inserts with “onserts” reduces carbonemissions and contributes to the goals of a greenerorganization.• In addition, any of the mailing suppressed or combinedas a result of TransPromo saves paper, envelopes, andthe expense of transporting these materials.
  22. 22. Reason #5: Transpromo works• Will people look at ads on their statements?– 64% of respondents to a recent survey by Zoomerang andInfoPrint said they would use personalized coupons if printedonto monthly bills and statements (with nearly half respondingthat these would encourage brand loyalty).– Compare this to the DMA Response Rate Trend Report thatsays nearly 60 percent of direct mail campaigns in financialservices aimed to produce a direct sale. The average responserate was a comparatively low 1.01%.Onserts (ads) printed on your statements will get read.
  23. 23. LKCS Makes It Easy• LKCS identifies your transpromo recipients.• LKCS designs the statement ads and other transpromomaterials.• LKCS programs the variable data printing and e-statement display.• LKCS prints and mails your statements and displaysyour transpromo messages online.• YOU GET THE CREDIT.
  24. 24. One Time Use vs. Campaigns• All of the above examples were intended to supportone promotion for one month.• How else could you utilize transpromo statementmarketing?• Consider developing ongoing statement-basedmarketing campaigns• The advantages:– “Set it and forget it” (at least for a few months)– Take advantage of special opportunities– True one-to-one marketing
  25. 25. Transpromo Statement Campaigns• Some ideas:– New Account Holders– CD Renewals– Loan Payoffs– Auto Loan Recapture– Birthday Messages– Loan Payment Coupons– Kids Club/TeenClub/Senior Club– New Mergers/BranchAcquisitions– New SEGs– Cross-Sell Opportunities
  26. 26. Ongoing Campaign Examples
  27. 27. Matrix Statement Campaigns• Series of statement onserts sent out over aperiod of months/quarters to cross-selladditional products and services to specificgroups of account holders.– Same concept as Matrix Mailings.– Terrific solution for new account holders,mergers, new branch locations, new SEGs,expanded field of membership, etc.– Ability to run multiple matrices at same time.
  28. 28. Matrix Campaign Case Study• NorthStar Credit Union• Matrix Layout• Note: Each statement onsertis actually a coupon thatincludes a special offer
  29. 29. Matrix AdExamples
  30. 30. Matrix Onsert Campaign Results• LKCS tracks the results of this matrix campaignfor NorthStar CU on a monthly basis• We are able to measure:– New accounts opened (and associatedbalances)– New services added (home banking, bill pay,direct deposit, e-statements, etc.)• This campaign EASILY pays for itself based onnew business generated
  31. 31. Thank You!Sid HaasVice President of Business DevelopmentLKCSDirect: 815-220-3904E-Mail: