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Arne Roock: Learning from Fake Charts - LKCE13


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Charts can be extremely powerful. And fake charts can be even more powerful! So let‘s have a look at some charts that are completely independent from real data and see what we can learn from them!

Published in: Business, Automotive, Technology
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Arne Roock: Learning from Fake Charts - LKCE13

  1. 1. Learning  fr om   F ke  Chart a s   @arneroock
  2. 2. Performance   94%  System   6%  Individuals  
  3. 3. blems   er  1:  Pro Chapt
  4. 4.    think at  we m  is   Wh proble the   What  the  real   problem  is  
  5. 5. What  we  do   when  something   isn‘t  working   Do  more   Do  less   Try   Go   of  it   of  it   something   crazy   else   Ask  for   help  
  6. 6. nce   Organizational    Perfoma Distance  between  those  having  problems   and  those  who  can  solve  the  problems  
  7. 7. Chapter  2:   Toyota  
  8. 8. Why  we  love  Toyota   They   They‘re   They   doing   invented   are   kanban   doing   Kaikaku   Kaizen   Just  in   time   Hybrid   drive  
  9. 9. How  cool   Toyota  is   Stories   Toyotas   about   sold   how  cool   Toyota  is  
  10. 10. What  Lean  Coaches  recommend   One  Piece  Flow   Two  Piece  Flow   Three  Piece  Flow   ou F r  Piece  Flow   Five  Piece  Flow  
  11. 11. ter  3:   Chap plexity   Com
  12. 12. Getting   Stuff   Done   Talking  about  Complexity  
  13. 13. Do  we     talk  about   complexity?   yes   Do  we   understand   complexity?   no   yes   no  
  14. 14. Mad   scientists   People   talking  ab out   complexit y   Me  right   now   People   understa nding   complexit y   Earning  a  lot   of  money   ???  
  15. 15. Chapter  4:   Lean  Startup  
  16. 16. People   talking   about   assumptions   Time  
  17. 17. Lean   artups   St Lean   Startup  
  18. 18. „We  are  doing  Lean  St a rtup“   We  are  doing  Le an  Startup     We  are  not  doing  Lean  Startup    
  19. 19. extremely   useful   Problem  Solving   useful   Deming   F ake   Charts   Toyota   Complexity   Thinking   Lean  Startup   not  so   much   really   old   old   new   bramd   new  
  20. 20. Thank  you!   This  Pecha  Kuch a   is  made  of   Cheap  Jokes   ments   Hidden  Advertise   Useful  Information Charts  of  all  Kinds   Lean  Startup  B Deming  Quotes   ashing   This  talk  was  inspired  by  www.graphitti-­