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LKCE19 - Katya Terekhova - Siberian tale, part 2: how we implemented classes of services


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At Pushwoosh, we struggled to implement WIP limits for Upstream. Product managers generated tons of new(very important) features, queue before downstream development was full. Even though we had regular replenishment meetings where product managers and business picked things we should do next, it didn’ t help much.Managers were constantly fighting with each other, behind - the - scenes games and manipulations took place from time to time.Decisions were based on how convincing and impressive features’ presentation were or because someone worked out a deal with decision makers.At the same time, our CEO was often dissatisfied with the fact that improvements / features he requested were not implemented. On top of that, our development team had a conflict with the product team since PMs blamed developers that they cannot fulfil all their requests, while developers complained that the product team tries to push their features to development, no matter what, bypassing all agreements and processes.

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