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LKCE19 - Dimitar Karaivanov - Business Agility through the Eyes of a Metalhead CEO


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What if I told you that heavy metal and Agile have a lot in common? What if a musician could walk into a room full of Agile coaches and nobody could tell them apart? What if there are universal principles that can be applied irrespective of what you do? What if frameworks don’t actually work? Join the metalhead CEO and learn interesting things about music, Agile and life in general.

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LKCE19 - Dimitar Karaivanov - Business Agility through the Eyes of a Metalhead CEO

  1. 1. @Dimitar_HK Business Agility Through The Eyes of a Metalhead CEO Dimitar Karaivanov - CEO Kanbanize
  2. 2. Marty Friedman
  3. 3. One thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of guitar hero types have a lot of people copying them. But copying others is not necessarily the best thing. The only way to really become as good as someone, is understand there is no easy way.  The guys that come closest to me are the ones that play in my band and have dissected those songs to a professional level. It’s a non-mechanical approach.
  4. 4.  People want warm-up exercises and shortcuts… there aren’t any! Get out there and play in bands to anyone you can. That’s how you find out how to play well. In your bedroom, you won’t have the right stimulus to play for real and avoid f*ck-ups.
  5. 5.  Here’s a great tip: one thing you want to avoid is playing fast unless it’s absolutely necessary. If it’s not needed, then playing fast totally sucks.  If you get a call from Elton John about doing some session, he’s not going to want to hear your 8- finger tapping arpeggios… he’ll send you straight out the door. Sir Paul McCartney won’t want your insane diminished sh*t either—you’ll get fired.
  6. 6. • World-class fencer • Novelist • Screenwriter • Radio host • Beer brewer • Motivational speaker • Commercial and private pilot • Iron Maiden's Legendary Singer – Bruce Dickinson ;)
  7. 7.
  8. 8. “I'm trying to do one thing at a time cause it's all I can manage.” ― Bruce Dickinson
  9. 9.
  10. 10. “We surround ourselves with cotton walls and institutions. It's a very comfortable place to be.” ― Bruce Dickinson
  11. 11. “All growth is a leap in the dark, a spontaneous unpremeditated act without the benefit of experience.” ― Henry Miller
  12. 12. So, are you going to jump into Business Agility not knowing where you're going to land?
  13. 13. "Business Agility is the ability of your business to effectively and efficiently satisfy its target markets through rapid experimentation and learning.“
  14. 14. Tip I: Mature your Kanban:
  15. 15. Tip II: Don't Pile Up Waste: 1.Customer Issues / problems 2.X... 3.Y… 4.Z… 5.New features / projects
  16. 16. Tip III: Be Fanatical About Customer Support:
  17. 17. Tip III: Be Fanatical About Customer Support:
  18. 18. Tip IV: Be Fanatical About Customer Feedback
  19. 19. Tip V: Foster Horizontal Leadership:
  20. 20. Tip VI: Convert HiPPOs to HiPOs: Image Credit:
  21. 21. Tip VII: Everything is an Experiment: An experiment is successful if you 1) learned something and 2) you have better confidence in your future actions.
  22. 22. Tip VIII: Scale Kanban in Your Org: Company Goals Key Initiatives Work Items
  23. 23. Tip IX: Forget About 100% Utilization:
  24. 24. Tip X: Let People Closest to the Problem Solve It:
  25. 25. Tip XI: Be Inclusive, Just Like Music
  26. 26. Kanban Software for Lean Project Management @Dimitar_HK m