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MU pride day

  1. 1. 1st Base
  2. 2. Meaningful Use is part of the HITECH Act Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act•Investing $20 billion in health information technology• Saving $10 billion, through care coordination, reductions in medical errors and duplicative care.• Strengthening Federal privacy and security law to protect health information
  3. 3. Meaningful Use a Staged Approach
  4. 4. Why Use Certified Electronic Health Records (EHR)• Capture accurate and complete health information to provide the best possible care.• Better coordination and sharing of health information.• Safer care at a lower cost – diagnose problems sooner and reduce medical errors.
  5. 5. The Priorities of Meaningful Use 1. Increase 22. Engage quality, safety, patients and efficiency, and families reduce health disparities 4. Improve 3. Improve population care healthcoordination 5. Ensure privacy and security protections
  6. 6. Meaningful Users at EMHC
  7. 7. Meaningful UsersWorking together as a team to improvequality, safety and efficiency! - Physicians - Nursing - Medical Records - Registration - Pharmacy - Laboratory - Information Services
  8. 8. PHYSICIANS• Maintain problem list with assistance from medical coders• Perform CPOE• Use clinical decision support
  9. 9. NURSING• Record vital signs• Maintain medication allergy list• Record smoking status• Use EHR to provide education resources• Perform medication reconciliation• Record advanced directives• Record smoking status
  10. 10. MEDICAL RECORDS• Provide patients with electronic copies of health information• Use clinical data to target patient specific conditions• Report on clinical quality measures
  11. 11. REGISTRATION• Record patient demographic information including  Preferred language  Race & ethnicity  Gender  Preliminary cause of death
  12. 12. PHARMACY• Verify drug formulary compliance• Establish drug to allergy interaction checking• Confirm drug to drug interaction checking
  13. 13. LABORATORY• Incorporate lab results into EHR• Electronically transmit lab results to Illinois Department of Public Health
  14. 14. INFORMATION SERVICES• Protect patient data• Electronically exchange key clinical data
  15. 15. When wecapture healthinformationelectronically...
  16. 16. It takes uplessspace…
  17. 17. Making it easy to take with you.
  18. 18. For continuingcare……or when you travel.
  19. 19. Is your health information secure? Yes!It’s encrypted and password protected!
  20. 20. It’s all part ofMeaningful Use!
  21. 21. CLINICAL QUALITY MEASURES (CQM)Moving forward from manual abstraction process to electronicCapability of sending information directly to other facilities or governmental agencies for treatment or reporting purposes
  22. 22. ED ThroughputProcedures and tests performed during the visitNew medications ordered and changes to old prescriptionsDischarge InstructionsPrincipal diagnosis at discharge or chief complaintFollow up care
  23. 23. ED Additional Measures Median time from ED arrival to ED departure Admit decision to ED departure Focus: Reduction in time patient is in theEmergency room and increase the speed of initial treatment
  24. 24. StrokeTiming and use of thrombolytic therapyStatin therapy for high cholesterol levels Patient education Rehabilitation assessments
  25. 25. VTE (Blood Clot Risk)Prevention and Treatment any where in the hospitalPatient Discharge instructionsPreventable measures – Hospital Status compared to other hospitals across the country