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Building and Maintaining Your Personal Brand


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Your personal brand is your professional identity. It's up to you to create and cultivate it. Today's social media offer new opportunities and a new urgency for personal branding. Learn how your colleagues have built their personal brands, and discover how you can build an effective brand for yourself.

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Building and Maintaining Your Personal Brand

  1. 1. Building and Maintaining Your Personal Brand Larry Kunz @larry_kunz
  2. 2. It’s Your Brand • Define yourself as an individual. • What do you want to be famous for? • Everything is part of the brand message.
  3. 3. What Your Colleagues Say What do you find essential to building and maintaining a personal brand? Discovering what’s unique about myself Being myself – sharing personal interests Experience and exposure Focus and courtesy Enthusiasm and a well-defined niche
  4. 4. Social Media Blogging: At least one blog post per week Twitter: Listen, then join in • Make a name for yourself • Contribute to conversations about the profession • "Good content…on a regular basis”
  5. 5. Social Media • Accelerate the spread of your brand • Make your brand more malleable • Are about doing, not about talking Become the person you want to be known as
  6. 6. Make Choices You’re Comfortable with • • • • • Mixing in personal information Attending and speaking at conferences Professional organizations (like STC) Dress and appearance Diction and language
  7. 7. Discussion • Describe examples in which personal brands were enhanced or damaged • What about mixing your personal life (interests, opinions) with your brand image? • As a professional, which social media will you use more? Less? Why?
  8. 8. Your Questions