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uphouse_lauren mobile_presentation

  1. 1. The Paper ShopCustomize Customer Experience In and Outside Your Store C
  2. 2. 1 in 3 mobilesearchesare local
  3. 3. How This Affects You• Nearly 75% preferred a mobile-friendly site• 74% more likely to return to mobile-friendly site Individual Sales 61% Didn’t find what they were looking for... Moved to another website. 79% Don’t like what they find... Will go back & search for another website. 50% Even if they like a business... Will use it less often if website is not mobile-friendly.
  4. 4. How This Affects You Overall ReputationInaccessible Site = Frustrated Users = Negativity Associated With Brand 48%Feel frustrated & annoyed with sites that are not mobile-friendly 36%Feel their time is wasted by sites that are not mobile-friendly 52%Bad mobile experience = Less likely to engage with a company 48% Site wasn’t mobile friendly = Felt company didn’t care about business
  5. 5. How This Affects You
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