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Intro video play

  1. 3. De-structured organization No titles, no hierarchy Reduced fear, increased trust Emotion driven Share of voice Talent market Interdependence Humanize business Passion Experimentation Capitalize on creativity Community structure Collective wisdom Leaders = Enablers Democracy of information Control from within Exploit employee diversity New performance measures Management 2.0 Leaders emerge, not appointed
  2. 4. thesis [ 'thē-səs ]: an intellectual proposition; the current management reality antithesis [ an-'ti-thə-səs ]: a counter proposition to the thesis alternatives[ oːlˈtəːnətivs ]: a reconciliation of the truths between the thesis and anti-thesis to achieve a new and higher proposition THESIS vs ANTITHESIS
  3. 6. What is Management Innovation? Management 1.0 Thesis Structured Management 2.0 Anti-Thesis Ambiguous Management Innovation Alternatives Compromise