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Social computing intro


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Introduction to our Enterprise 2.0 Strategy

Published in: Technology, Education
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Social computing intro

  1. 1. Planning for Enterprise 2.0 Presented by: Jeetu Patel
  2. 2. Agenda Cultural and Behavioral Transformation Use Cases Technology Trends Execution Mechanics 2 Key Components of the Discussion
  3. 3. Key Theme Enabling the knowledge worker with social computing and collaboration (SC&C) to drive growth and innovation, extend reach, improve efficiency while gaining governance and control of your organizational information Session Objective The primary objective of this session is to provide effective guidelines and best practices for using collaboration and social computing technologies to better plan for the Enterprise 2.0 phenomenon. Specifically, Doculabs hopes to stimulate a strategic discourse to explore the possibilities, impacts, risks and mechanics for successful deployment of these technologies and best practices. 3 Session Theme and Objective
  4. 4. Net Net… Doculabs’ believes that these consumer behavioral patterns will bleed into the work environment sooner than we think. Those companies that create this collaborative environment will benefit from extracting the most value from their people. But there is a caveat!!! There will be compliance and governance principles that need to be applied to this free form, open mode of communication. Quote from the Economist Dated December 12, 2009: "Some bosses regard social networking as the epitome of online time- wasting. But Facebook, or Wave, or something very like them, could be the future of work."
  5. 5. General Information Thank You 312-881-1660 Lane Severson Contact: 630-418-7000