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Youth work - Estonian experience

Presentation for the international conference “Support for youth work development in Latvia and Europe”. /Maria Liiv,
Project Manager at Saue Youth Centre, Association of Estonian Open Youth Centres/

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Youth work - Estonian experience

  1. 1. Youth work – Estonian experience MARIA LIIV Project Manager at Saue Youth Centre Association of Estonian Open Youth Centres
  2. 2. Figures Estonian population - 1.3 million people Target group – 7-26: 290 000 people Youth Work Act since 1999 New Youth Work act since 2010
  3. 3. Youth work development strategy: 2014-2020  Co-responsibility in 5 areas 1) Open youth work (development of YC, foundation for activities); 2) Youth information (development, resources); 3) Counselling and mentoring (development, resources); 4) Youth participation (development, resources); 5) Labor market (youth guaranty, development, resources).
  4. 4. Today`s situation Ministry of Education GOV GOV+EU and resource Estonian Youth Work Centre AEYC EYU+ ENYC Erasmus + NGO Youth work law Policy development plan Common aims
  6. 6. AEYC Strategic communication Lobbying and advocacy Education Projects
  7. 7. Logbook YC self-assesment model Children at risk programm e Prevention of offence Defining the specific contribution of youth work and non-formal learning to address young people's challenges Open youth work Prevention of violence against young girls Journey of interests
  8. 8. Youth worker - a profession Youth workers – now working all around Estonia. Youth work qualification was developed by Estonian Qualification Authority in 2006. It is possible to study youth work (BA) at several Estonian universities since 1992. Youth work has been integrated into several curriculas in our universities.
  9. 9. Institutions carrying out youth work principles  Regional, local juvenile committees  Open youth work centres  Youth councils  Youth committees  Non-governmental organisations  Information and counseling centres  Hobby schools  Church – police – school – municipality? - New Trend
  10. 10. Open space, youth initiatives, youth information, voluntary work, mobile youth work Preventive work, labor market and network activities Hobby groups, camps, trainings, international youth work, youth council 1 2 3
  11. 11. Thank you!