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Uk Population Change


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Uk Population Change

  1. 1. Describe how life expectancy varies from one part of the UK to another and suggest reasons for the differences shown. Highest Years Lowest Years Kensington 80.8 Glasgow City 69.3 East Dorest 80.8 Inverclyde 70.3 (Hart) Hampshire 80.1 West Dunbartonshire 70.7 Uttlesford (Essex) 79.9 Renfewshire 71.8 South Norfolk 79.7 Western Isles 72.2 Wokingham 79.6 Manchester 72.3 Rutland 79.6 North Lanarkshire 72.4 Brentwood 79.5 Dundee City 72.5 Purbeck 79.4 Blackpool 72.8 Winchester 79.4 Liverpool 73.2