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  1. 1. Europe by Shane
  2. 2. Most of the flags in Europe
  3. 3. The Europe map
  4. 4. Famous things Etc……….. Eiffel tower Buckingham palace
  5. 5. CURRENCY <ul><li>Most countries in the E.U use a single currency it is called the EURO. </li></ul>
  6. 6. French flag
  7. 7. French population They is this many people in France in total 63,713,926 .
  8. 8. French map
  9. 9. French land marks Mont-Saint-Michel The Louvre Arc de Triomphe Sacre Coeur Eiffel Tower
  10. 10. French food snails oysters croissants frogs legs
  11. 11. When did France join the E.U <ul><li>France joined the E.U the same time as Belgium,Germany,Italy,Luxembourg,Netherlands and that was at 1952 and that was when the E.U started. </li></ul>