Jones, laura week 8 - final business proposal slide


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This is my final slide presentation submission.

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Jones, laura week 8 - final business proposal slide

  1. 1. IT Department Support Improvement
  2. 2. Objective: Improve United Healthcare IT Department Support through the analysis of company trends
  3. 3. Opportunity: To redesign the IT Department, so that there is a faster response time to all IT tickets, by bringing back more in-house support.
  4. 4. • Currently there is up to a 5 day turn around time on support tickets. • No support starts in house, but there are 5 IT personnel on site. • 90% of the time, a user must call the Help Desk, and if less important issue, then half the time someone will remote in to try to resolve the issue. • Many problems go unaddressed because the wait time is just too long, which in turn can cause worse problems to arise.
  5. 5. There are several advantages to providing technical support via an in-house IT helpdesk. It allows you to build up IT knowledge in your business, thereby become less reliant on external IT suppliers for support. This may enable you to install and support new equipment yourself, cutting costs in these areas. Additionally, your in-house IT helpdesk staff can develop a deep understanding of how your IT systems relate to your business needs. This helps them to solve problems fast and suggest appropriate improvements. (TheITDonut, 2014)
  6. 6. #1: Faster response time – after a call to the help-desk, in-house support can be dispatched immediately. #2: Less downtime – once in-house support fixes the issue in a timely manner, employees can get back to work. #3: Hands on support – this speaks for itself.
  7. 7. Many companies find the best strategy is to combine some in-house expertise with outsourced IT support services. With this approach, your in-house staff can offer technical help whenever possible. But if a problem occurs out of hours or you need specialist help urgently, your IT support supplier is a phone call away. Just make sure your agreement with them is backed by a robust IT support contract. (TheITDonut, 2014)
  8. 8. Key Stakeholders: • First and foremost are our customers. If our business is running smoothly, they are serviced in a more timely manner. • The employees will be able to better perform their jobs because of less down time. • Management will benefit in not having employees that are unable to work because their systems are down. • The company as a whole will fair better because of the time and money that would be saved.
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