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Escaping The Cave


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Keeping Our Art Teaching Practice Invigorated Through PLCs, Technology, Collaboration, Creativity and Grants

Published in: Education, Technology
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Escaping The Cave

  1. 1. Escaping the Cave Worcester Art Educators Fall 2013 Laura Johnson
  2. 2. The “Cave” Plato’s Allegory of The Cave Art Room
  3. 3. How Might We Escape the Cave? Isolation… Stagnation… Repetition… Reinventing the Wheel… Budget Restraints…
  4. 4. How Might We… Reinvigorate our teaching practice? Continually learn and improve? Best prepare our students for the unknown future? Decrease xenophobia? Move our profession forward? Stay relevant? PLC Technology Collaboration Creativity Free Resources ($) Solutions:
  5. 5. PLC (Personal Learning Community) Learn! Collaborate! Share! Teach! Grow! Solutions
  6. 6. Tech Wordpress/ Weebly Slideshare/ Issuu Twitter Pinterest/ Instagram Kickstarter Animoto Dropbox Solutions
  7. 7. Collab Student Art Show at MGH Japan Tsunami Relief Collaborative Art Initiative Civic Engagement Workshop Design Thinking for Students Solutions
  8. 8. Creativity Austin Kleon Mind Maps S.C.A.M.P.E.R Ted Videos Solutions
  9. 9. Free $ Free Resources Grant Opportunities for: Arts Field Trips Technology And more… Solutions
  10. 10. Asia Region Art Educators PLC
  11. 11. Asia Region Art Educators PLC
  12. 12. Asia Region Art Educators PLC
  13. 13. Asia Region Art Educators Kendra Farrell PLC
  14. 14. Using Lesson Plans from Colleagues Abroad Videography9 Squares Project PLC
  15. 15. “Portrait Party” Student Collaborations Students from Lynnfield and Beijing PLC
  16. 16. PLC“Portrait Party” Student Collaborations Students from Lynnfield and Beijing
  17. 17. Art Ed 2.0 PLC
  18. 18. Art Ed 2.0 PLC
  19. 19. Art Ed 2.0 PLC
  20. 20. Art Ed 2.0 PLC
  21. 21. Art Ed 2.0 PLC
  22. 22. Deep Space Sparkle PLC
  23. 23. The Art of Ed Frank Curkovic Edutopia The Carrot Revolution TED The Teaching Palette PLC
  24. 24. Collaborative Art Initiative University of The Middle East Project PLC
  25. 25. PLCCivic Engagement Workshop, 2010 in Cairo, Egypt University of The Middle East
  26. 26. Edcamps EdCamp conferences are a truly unique "unconference" designed by and for educators and are completely FREE!   Some upcomming EdCamp opportunities: October 19th - EdCamp Seacoast, Portsmouth, NH.  To register, go to  November 2nd - EdCamp Lesley  Boston, MA.  To register, go to  EdCamp Image the Possibilities, Plymouth, MA.  To register, go to  PLC
  27. 27. TechTwitter #arted, #artsed, #designthinking
  28. 28. Tech EdWeek Craig Roland John Maeda Ian Sands Tricia Fuglestad Melinda Gates Ipadartroom Patrick Larkin MoMA Nat’l End.for the Arts Worcester Art Museum Design Milk NY Times Arts Brain Pickings Edutopia Art 21 GOOD Nancy Walkup Met Museum RISD Twitter Phone app or
  29. 29. TechInstagram (phone app) Follow Your Favorite Contemporary Artists! Vik Muniz Ai Wei Wei JR Julia Rothman Kate Bingaman Burt
  30. 30. TechPinterest Mine is: What’s yours?
  31. 31. TechBlog with Wordpress
  32. 32. TechMake a Website (Easy!)
  33. 33. TechMake a Website (Easy!)
  34. 34. TechEmbed power points on your blog
  35. 35. TechEmbed handouts on your blog
  36. 36. TechKickstarter- 88 Temples
  37. 37. TechDropbox “Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Never email yourself a file again!”
  38. 38. CollabInternational Charity Japan Tsunami Relief
  39. 39. CollabService Learning For Your Classroom
  40. 40. CollabCollaborative Poetry & Art Lynnfield, USA and Tiznit, Morocco                                                                                            One World  The world and the body are the same, The world of a lot of countries,  The body with all its parts, A little ache somewhere And then you have a cough Or even life might stop   So let’s take care Of all and one another, To have peace every where And a healthy body forever  This is the world of my dreams. Written by Zakaria Amraoui (Tiznit) Illustrated By Arianna L. (Lynnfield)
  41. 41. CollabAlternative Typography ABC Book For local kindergarteners
  42. 42. CollabAlternative Typography ABC Book For local kindergarteners How Might We… re-imagine an ABC book for kindergartens?
  43. 43. CollabAlternative Typography ABC Book For local kindergarteners How Might We…? Assumes there are solutions out there Says we can put ideas out there that might work or might not- either way it’s OK. Says we’re going to do it together and build on each others ideas. From Warren Berger’s Harvard Business Review article “The Secret Phrase Top Business Innovators Use”
  44. 44. CollabAlternative Typography ABC Book For local kindergarteners Teams of 3 students The Design Process Open-ended problem
  45. 45. CollabRecycling Project How Might We… get our school community to reduce, reuse and recycle more?
  46. 46. CollabRecycling Project How Might We… get our school community to reduce, reuse and recycle more? •Wasteland Movie •Teams of 3 max •Research, photos, interview students, faculty, custodians, walk around the school, write down observations •Create a proposal •Make final design
  47. 47. CollabFRAMING QUESTIONS How Might We…get our school community to reduce, reuse and recycle more? Project: Create a poster to encourage more recycling in the cafe. Vs.
  48. 48. CollabDESIGN THINKING= POSSIBILTY!!! Students learn •How to identify a problem •How to solve a problem •Collaboration •Innovation •Creativity •To improve their communities •To create social change •Engagement •Empowerment
  49. 49. CreateSome Thoughts on Creativity…
  50. 50. CreateAustin Kleon
  51. 51. CreateAustin Kleon
  52. 52. CreateMind Maps
  53. 53. CreateS.C.A.M.P.E.R
  54. 54. CreateTED Talks on Creativity “Need a burst of inspiration? Wildly creative thinkers share ideas, strategies and warmhearted encouragement to let your genius out.”
  55. 55. Donors Choose $
  56. 56. $Box Tops for Education The school gets 10 cents for each box top collected.
  57. 57. $ “Buy the products you want, wherever and however you want. Then, just snap a pic of your receipt to make an instant donation to your child's school. Plus, we'll even digitize your receipts for you “
  58. 58. $Target Grants Field trips Arts
  59. 59. $Free Art Books for Libraries and Schools Contact DUC Library Program Art Resources Transfer 526 West 26th Street, #614 New York, NY 10001 T: 1 212 255 2919 F: 1 212 352 8448
  60. 60. $Lowes Toolbox for Education Grants ($2000-$5000 per school)
  61. 61. $19 Technology Grants for Schools
  62. 62. $Free $ Ideas from Wantaugh Elementary
  63. 63. $My Coke Rewards, Ink Cartridge Recycling
  64. 64. $“Operation Free Money”
  65. 65. $“Real Classroom Ideas”- Grant Opportunities
  66. 66. $Educational Grants
  67. 67. $Worcester Arts Council- Grants
  68. 68. $Worcester Arts Council 2012 Grants
  69. 69. $Worcester Arts Council 2013 Grants
  70. 70. We can do it ! Personal Learning Communities Technology Collaboration Creativity Free Resources ($)
  71. 71. Thank you! Let’s Collaborate! Please feel free to contact me with questions, comments or ideas. Laura Johnson twitter @artedlab