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Pitch powerpoint


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Pitch powerpoint

  1. 1. Northern Echo/ Darlington TV’s primary audience Age- 20-50Like their area to be promoted
  2. 2.  Subject- Rob Chapman Job- Local DJ Behind the scenes into a student night
  3. 3.  Age: 16-19 Socioeconomics: B-C2 Gender: 70% male, 30% female Educational status: Students
  4. 4. These are the young people who burn the candle at both ends and for who club culture is pivotalit’s hairdresser chic: distressed jeans and graphicprinted tees for the boys and jeans or dresses,sparkly tops and some killer heels for the girls
  5. 5. M organ Spurlock- Supersize Me Louis Theroux- Wrestling Mixed documentary style
  6. 6. ‘IN this documentary we will be looking at student nights in the local area of bishop and Darlington and foll
  7. 7. ‘In this documentary we will be looking at student nights in the local area of bishop and Darlington and following local DJ ROBCHAPMAN. ROB attends QUEEN ELIZIBETH SIXTH FORM COLLEGE doing Media Communications and Production, Film Studies and ICT. He has the burning aspiration to be a professional DJ. In this documentary we are going to be following ROB as he attempts to rise within the industry by playing some of the biggest gigs he has ever done and gain behind the scenes access into how a student night is setup.’
  8. 8. 1. Opening shotsof Subjects 5. Interview with 9. Subject 13. Vox pops ofhometown subject practicing ideas people who went 7. Subject 3. Subject going in discussing big gig 11. Crisis his house coming up 4. Subject 8. Subject 12. Crisis resolved practicing browsing through material to use 6. Interview with 10. Footage of gig 14. Interview with2. Shots of subject Subjects parents subject after gigwalking aroundtown
  9. 9. Costing spread ProductionSponsorship total- £15,000 £12,010 Director - £4,500 Post Production Editor- £2,160 2,439.16 Total-£14,449.16