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Meme paradigmworldview

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Meme paradigmworldview

  1. 1. Meme, Paradigm or Worldview?Prehistoric Writing Social Contract Theory Ancient Newtonian Physics War The Wheel Modern Confucian Civilization Agriculture Natural Law Theory Art SongMiddle-Ages Game Islamic Civilization Hunting Quantum Physics Democracy Industrial Revolution Freedom Cultural Evolution Economics Information RevolutionThe Renaissance Money Monarchy The Scientific Revolution Republic Hinduism The Reformation Tyranny Buddhist Civilization Zero Dictator The EnlightenmentChristendom Empire Politics Capitalism The Agricultural Revolution Peace Socialism The Scientific Method Aristocracy Geography Law Heliocentric Theory PoetryDarwinism/Theory of Evolution Communism Slavery Religion Philosophy Myth Pyramid Inalienable Rights Oligarchy Monopoly Chiefdom Zero Sum BarterAnthropology Law of Gravity Alphabet The War on Terror Dancing Age of Exploration Meme Paradigm Worldview