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Imperialism -Part I.


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First part of a lecture on imperialism -middle school level world history

Imperialism -Part I.

  1. 1. Imperialism !
  2. 2. “ The Sun never sets on the British Empire” The history of Empires goes back more than 4000 years...
  3. 3. Traditional Imperialism : Meant conquering your neighbors and expanding your borders, absorbing their peoples into your own
  4. 4. New Imperialism : Meant setting up colonies far from the home country & ruling over less advanced peoples (“ natives”) 1500’s -1945
  5. 5. Modern or new imperialism came about as countries evolved from medieval kingdoms into powerful, technologically advanced, NATION-STATES
  6. 6. Birth & Evolution of The State The State - a permanent, continuous, organized government separate from the Monarch - was born in Renaissance Italy Why? TRADE: Provided revenue for funding professional mercenary armies BANKING: Sophisticated financial organization, investment & credit WARFARE: Constant warfare forced, small, wealthy cities to seek an advantage over powerful feudal rulers like the Austrian Emperor , the Ottoman Sultan and the Kings of France and Spain
  7. 7. Evolution of the State 1400-1991 KIND OF STATE PURPOSE Princely State Legitimize ruler Kingly State Legitimize state Territorial State Expand power State-Nation Unify the Nation Nation-State Serve the Nation
  8. 8. The Nation-State Built Empires
  9. 9. Causes of Imperialism NATIONALISM: A strong feeling of pride or superiority about your nation. Began with the FRENCH REVOLUTION . MILITARISM: Glorification of war, courage and military skills. The Army and Navy are usually large and well-funded. PROTECTIONISM: High tariffs and other trade barriers prevent nations from trading freely and create economic problems that nations try to solve by acquiring colonies