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Gilded vocab

Unit vocabulary for 19th Century Gilded age/Age of Imperialism

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Gilded vocab

  1. 1. The Gilded Age…The Age of Imperialism 1865 -1914<br />Unit Vocabulary<br />Part I. ECONOMICS:<br />Economics Macroeconomics Microeconomics Free Market<br />Law of Supply Law of Demand Equilibrium Price “Laissez-Faire” <br />“Invisible Hand” Needs & Wants Capitalism Mercantilism Protectionism<br />Sole Proprietorship Partnership Corporation Stock Stock Market<br />Cartel Oligopoly Monopoly Trust Robber Baron Gold Standard <br />Industrial Revolution Factory Mass Production Standardization<br />Assembly Line Worker Union Strike Collective Bargaining Anti-Trust<br />Inflation Deflation Money Depression Boom Panic Business Cycle<br />Adam Smith Karl Marx John D. Rockefeller Andrew Carnegie<br />Social Darwinism<br />
  2. 2. The Gilded Age…The Age of Imperialism 1865 -1914<br />Unit Vocabulary<br /> Part II. SOCIAL<br />Progressives Populists Muckrakers Urbanization Reform<br />Corruption Political Machine “Tweed Ring” “Honest Graft”<br />Tammany Hall Immigration Tenement Child Labor Slum <br /> Hull House The Jungle Upton Sinclair Ida Tarbell Jacob Riis<br />
  3. 3. The Gilded Age…The Age of Imperialism 1865 -1914<br />Unit Vocabulary<br /> Part III. POLITICAL<br />Empire Imperialism Nationalism Militarism Nation-state<br />Hegemony Sphere of Influence Protectorate Colony<br />The State Strategy Native Missionary Society The Big Stick<br />Monroe Doctrine Open Door Policy Spanish-American War<br />Roosevelt Corollary Panama Canal “The White Man’s Burden”<br />National Honor The Influence of Sea Power on History Rough Riders<br />Yellow Journalism The End of the Frontier in American History <br />John Hay Alfred T. Mahan Frederick Jackson Turner Teddy Roosevelt<br />Rudyard Kipling<br />