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Mendoza presentación


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Mendoza presentación

  1. 1. What is Mendoza?• Mendoza is a province of Argentina located in the region of Cuyo. Bordered on the north by San Juan, on the east by the province of San Luis, south to La Pampa and Neuquén,and west by Chile.• Its capital is colled Mendoza. ​ With an area of 148 827 km ², is the seventh largest province in the country, which makes it 5.35% of the total area . The national census 2010 established a population of 1,741,610 inhabitants, making itt he fifth most populous province. This population is equivalent to 4.34% of the national total.
  3. 3. The most striking adventures in Mendoza!• *Hiking• *Skiing• *Rafting
  4. 4. Hiking• The Aconcagua is the highest peak in America and the Western Hemisphere (6,959.6 meters over the sea) is located near the capital city. Because of this, an important number of mountain climbers arrive to this city each year, and provide a market on its own. Note that during low season, tourists are allowed to take only a short hike. High season begins on November 15th. The surrounding scenery is well worth the drive, even if outdoor activities (with the exception of white-water rafting) are not well developed.
  5. 5. Sking• Near the city of Malargue, Las Leñas is the most important ski resort in Argentina. LAS LEÑAS SKI
  6. 6. Rafting• Rafting the Mendoza rivers is full of excitement that begins with a spin. Rather than the intense white waters that you may experience in other locations, in the Mendoza river you can expect the waters to be brown.
  7. 7. Mendoza Excursions• * Mendoza city tour• Discover the city that is the heart of Argentina’s wine district and one of the Great Capital cities of Wine; Mendoza. Learn about the history, architecture and culture of this beautiful area with this Mendoza city tour.
  8. 8. •Villavicencio Day Tour MendozaBook this Villavicencio spa resort tour to discover ancient Andean history, breathtaking views of Mendoza and the main wine district of Argentina.•Atuel Canyon Day Tour MendozaSpend a day exploring the Mendoza province while touring Canyon of Atuel in Mendoza, Argentina. Discover diverse historical landscapes, ancient ruins and beautiful Dams on this Mendoza day tour.
  9. 9. Enviroment Protection The Effects of Climate Change in Mendoza Experts from Germany and Argentina work together with the objective of facing climate change and environmental protection. In Mendoza’s territory, the emission of toxicgasses and open dumps are some of the factors which increase contamination. To raise awareness in the population and make them participate, they carry out a Project which has children as its main addressee. The total number of cars in Mendoza is another contaminating factor, as every year it is bigger and emits more and more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Together with theindustry, they cause a great emission of particles. “There is also heat island effect; if one looks at the city from far away it can be seen a dark layer above, under which the city ismuch more hot, there are higher temperatures and it produces discomfort in the people”, describes the specialist.
  10. 10. • Open dumps constitute another problematic factor, as “in the province, almost all of them are open, many times they are burnt and not only emit carbon dioxide, but also very toxic gasses. When the 60% of the residues, organic matter, starts to decompose, it emits methane; this is generated when the residues are decomposed without oxygen, because they are covered and it is 21 times more severe than carbon dioxide”.• The expert makes reference to the effect of Mendoza’s agriculture: “The annual average of temperatures will in general increase, then, winters will shorten. This will have an impact in agriculture, because the increase of humidity in the prairie, combined with the increase of the temperature can generate more severe storms and more hail. Grape growing and wine production will have more humidity and then more diseases; reason why many investors are taking the grapes to higher places”.
  11. 11. Contamination by mining exploitation There exist two main cases related to uranium minerals exploitation in charge ofAtomic Energy National Commission. The first one is given by inadequate facilitiesabandonment where 500,000 tn of mineral tales are arranged (Malargüe) and the second one related to an open sky mine exploitation (the main in the country) (Sierra Pintada). The Directorate has officially carried out auditings in both casesand technically advised to adequately dispose in the first case and to carry cautionmeasures to an extreme in the second one. Conflicts occurring have produced as a consequence a new exploitation covenant, after which there is progress in both senses. This includes more strict control mechanisms, sanitation project elaboration in Malargüe, and initiation of the first stage of Environmental Impact Study in Sierra Pintada by means of an international advisory office, with a very vast experience in the subject matter, and selected by both parties. Other cases involve new mining exploitations such as potassium salts (also in Malargüe and perhaps the main mining project in the country), which must subject to environmental impact evaluation. So far, mechanics adopted in both types of cases have produced positive results.
  12. 12. Development of health care service•Public Hospitals and •-Private Clinics:Clinics: The public the private clinicshospitals help anyone help people who was a social work.althought a person has The beneffit of thiso hasn´t a -Pharmacies: type of hospital issocial work or prepaid. Pharmacies: They are that they attend so everywhere it will you with more variety of elements not take you more to work. One of the than a block or two most central is walking in the city Clínica Colon, Av centre to find one. Colon 277, they can help with general You can usually spot medical issues or them by the big cross direct you to a symbol and specialist. ‘Pharmacia’ sign.
  13. 13. Public Hospitals & Clinics• Public healthcare here is of good standard and with some great doctors but, as aforementioned, healthcare in Argentina is free. This means that the hospitals are full with patients of almost every other neighboring country in South America. And lines are long. If you need emergency medical attention, you will go almost directly to the front of the line, but if your problem is less urgent you need to get to the hospital early to take a ‘turno’ (or number in the line), not unlike public healthcare in the U.S. Most hospitals start issuing turnos at 8am, but don’t come anytime after 8:00 a.m. People start arriving at 6:30 a.m., so to get anywhere decent in the line, you need to get there early too. If you miss your slot, you’ll have to wait until the next day, so wear comfy shoes and don’t forget to bring a book.a public hospital por example is: Hospital Central, Alem 410; Hospital Lagomaggiore, Gordillo.
  14. 14. Hotels in Mendoza!Hotel Aconcagua (****)San Lorenzo 545, Mendoza - Reservas al (11) 5173 3601The Aconcagua Hotel is situated in the heart of the town that lies at the foot of theAndes Mountains and is like an oasis with its many canals and tree-lined streets. It isclose to the Main Square and 12 km from The International airport, this 4stars hotelboasts 123 rooms between doubles, triples, suites and departments; all equippedwith air conditioning and individual heating, cable TV, in-room safety box and roomservice to name but a few of their amenities.
  15. 15. • Hotel Park Hyatt (****)• Chile 1124 – Reservas (261) 423 4848 / 429 9953• The Park Hyatt Mendoza Hotel, Casino & Spa in Mendoza, Argentina, with its beautifully restored 19th-century Spanish colonial façade, is one of the most prestigious luxury hotels of Mendoza. It is conveniently situated in the main business district in the centre of Mendoza, with a prominent position on the Plaza de la Independencia. Our luxury hotel in Mendoza is only 20 minutes from Mendoza International Airport, 15 minutes from the main Mendoza vineyards and 90 minutes from major ski resorts in Argentina.• Park Hyatt Mendoza hotel is ideal for business and leisure travellers, with stunning views of the Mendoza vineyards, the Andes mountain range and the renowned Aconcagua mountain. Our five star luxury hotel in Mendoza offers a wide range of activities including Mendoza wine tours, our premier Casino Park Hyatt Mendoza and the luxury Kaua Club and Spa.
  16. 16. • Premium Tower Suites (*****)• Avda. España 948 Mendoza - Reservas (261) 423 4848 / 429 9953• Premium Tower Suites offers luxurious apartments in the centre of Mendoza. Some apartments include LCD TVs with cable channels. All of them feature free Wi-Fi and kitchens with a microwave.• On the 14th floor, the restaurant El Faro offers spectacular views of the Andes and the city and delicious international menu prepared by the chef.
  17. 17. Joaco´s Opinion Likes• I like the beautiful mountains. Dislikes• I dislike the very hot weather.• Activities you can do• Explore, discover and investigate activities that may be inclined towards adventure sports, especially those that address the nature and want to change the asphalt for something different.
  18. 18. At what time of the year is most visited by tourist• The climate is mild enough to welcome visitors year round, and the range of accommodations is wide, but if you don´t like the hot wether, the best time of the years is in spring or winter.• . Why? Because in spring it isn´t so much hot and you can visit beautifull places without high temperature. Also in Mendoza, is most visited in winter, because it snows and it s very funny to play with the snow. You can do as well sports, like snowboard, sky etc. Winter in Mendoza usually means sunny, days, and nights in front of a warm fire.• English is spoken, to the touristic nature of the area, and Americans represent the largest group of international tourists, followed by Brazilians and Chileans.• The number of American visitors has increased continually in the five past years, and many have even started their own wineries there. The province of Mendoza has more than a thousand wineries, referred to as “bodegas”. Also, in Argentina, wines remain an incredible value.
  19. 19. Main Tourist Attraction• One of the most important tourist attraction in Mendoza are the wineries.• But.. what are the wineries?• The wineries are the building or property that produces wine, or a business involved in the production of wine, such as a wine company.• The province of Mendoza is the most traditional industry of wine.• In Argentina’s there are many varieties of world-class wine produced.• Other important reason why the wine is very important and is a tourist attraction is because wine is one of Argentina’s most sought-after and wanted product.• Mendoza was a dry area that became a wine-growing oasis with irrigation techniques (tecnicas de riego )that capture the snow melt run off from the Andes Mountains. This irrigation techniques were created by the Indians (Huarpes) people, and this system is controled by computerized drip (goteo) irrigation, which allows Argentina to be one of the top wine-producing countries in the world.• Some examples of wineries are: Chandon, ópez, Valentín Bianchi, San Telmo, Escorihuela, Cavas de Weinert, J&F Lurton, Trapiche etc.
  20. 20. Aconcagua Province Park• Another main tourist attraction in Mendoza is the Aconcagua Provincial Park• The Aconcagua Provincial Park is located in the northwestern province of Mendoza, In 1983 he was declared "protected natural area." It is one of 10nature reserves that form the system of Protected Areas in the province of Mendoza. The park is home to large glaciers, which act as a water reserve. They are important archaeological sites. It is the preferred scenariofor climbers.
  21. 21. The Hill of Glory• The Hill of Glory is a hill near the city of Mendoza. In one of its sides, is the zoo of the city of Mendoza. The monument consists of a base of rocks and a large bronze sculpture, and commemorates the Crossing of the Andes by the army commanded by General José de San Martin to liberate Chile and Peru and Argentina to ensure independence. It was made by the Uruguayan sculptor John M. Ferrari and opened in 1914. The image of the Monument to the Army of the Andes from Cerro de la Gloria is popularly known in Argentina as it is printed in denominations of five pesos ($ 5).
  22. 22. Employment• -Seller of Lands• -Livestock:there is not much livestock because of the lands (valleys and mountains)• -Mines:It is very important and significant and is mostly dedicated to oil minery.• -Infrastructure Developent• -Agriculture
  23. 23. Agriculture: The most important work is an plant called “vid”. The activities are concentrated around irrigation regions (regiones de riego). In farms, there is production of fruits and vegetables.• Infrastructure development:• Road and rail network (Trenes): rail network has been extended In the last 20 years and it is important in the communication between the manofactured (production of the different provinces) .
  24. 24. Bus:the station were people transfer aplace to otherCommunication:in the city there areseveral newspapers such as “losAndes”, “Mendoza”, “El Andino”. Thereare also TV channels and the ragionalradiosAirports:the main one is called “elplumerillo”. It is located in the north ofthe capital city and it is one of the mostimportants airfields of the country. It isvery sophisticated.
  25. 25. Primmary ProductsWine Industry: when the fruts end Fruit & Vegetable industry_: Maduration process it peach, cherry, banana and applestarts “vintage”. The elabroration Took place in wineries
  26. 26. Advantages & Disvantages of MendozaADVANTAGES: Mendoza is a province by its climate, soil, allow a highly developed wine industry. also provides a city with a lot of history that contains a great culture and is the fourth most important province of Argentina. Finally has a beautiful landscape formed by the mountain ranges and rivers that cross it.DISVANTAGES: As Mendoza is a city that depends mainly on tourism and wine industry, a very large dropc auses problems; ike the weather in winter in very cold and heavy snow can cause problems in transport, at work and in educating people
  27. 27. Pau´s Opinion Like: I like generally all the places and things that Mendoza has, such as activities or visiting monuments. Dislake: I don´t like to go in summer because there is high temperature.