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  1. 1.  Seaside , Beach, Cold
  2. 2. The population of Carilo don ´t have aspecific number because Is a place ofvacation. The percent of Carilo whenit is vacation season is 100% and when itis school time it is 30%
  3. 3. The typical food in the coast are the sea animals, like: fish, ostras, mariscos, camarines, etc.If you have children, there is meet,french fries, chiken, cakes andmore.
  4. 4.  The dunes are very big and very good for riding four wheel trucks or sports vans. The forest of Carilo are most recognize for doing excursions. There is a center where you can buy presents, or things for you. At night the center is the most beautiful attraction of carilo because they turn on all the lights of different colors. And you can make some friends. The beach is a very good place for relaxing, making friends, enjoying sports, going to swim, etc.
  5. 5.  There are lots of trees. There are not streets of pave. The sea is cold. There few expensive private beaches. There are lots of houses next to the sea, that are the bigger of Carilo . there is a centre that at night is lightening and are a lot of restaurants where you can eat very good. There is a Tennis runch (where you play tennis), and a big field of golf.
  6. 6.  You can do a lot of activities. Riding four wheel truck Riding vans in the dunes Surfing Wind surf Riding different types of aqua motors Going shopping(girls). Riding motocross.
  7. 7.  It’s between Pinamar and Villa Gessel. And it is in front the sea..
  8. 8.   Cariló is one of the most exclusive swimming resorts on the Argentinean Atlantic Coast. Of Mapuche origin, “cariló” means “green sand hill” and it represents the spirit of this place, wisely afforested by man with trees and plants
  9. 9.  La Hostería Cariló: Avutarda y Jacarandá Tel: 57-0704/ 5  Cariló Village: Carpintero y Divisadero Tel: 47-0244/45 o 011-4825-6222  Carilo Sweden: Cerezo 120 Tel: 57-0440 Cariló Soleil: Avellano y Playa Tel: 47-0341/ 57-0413/ (011) 4833-3416 Cariló House : Albatros entre Cerezo y Jacarandá Tel: 57-2500  Cariló Hills: Avellano y Becasina Tel: 47-0608 / 0609
  10. 10.  Employment: during summer the people who work havemore work because it is full of people. Infrastructure: the infrastructure of Carilo is good becauseit have modern building with all lights. Preservation: The tourists take care of the environmental.Dunes are big and good for doing excursions with cars.You can rent a lot of beautiful houses and you can rentthe biggest houses that are in front of the beach. They havea very good view.And you have different types of restaurants, with verygood plates gourmets.
  11. 11.  During school season there are no tourism. Carilo is small and during summer there are so many tourists and we don´t have space in the street. There aren´t streets of pave. In the streets are so many holds so a lot of car