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Bec exams


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Bec exams

  1. 1. Individuals who wish to succeed in theinternational business community need topossess first-rate English language skills andthe ability to comunicate with professionals.
  2. 2. If you can show you have an internationallyrecognised business qualification in English,you will have a greater advantage in the jobs market,and much greater flexibility if you want to work abroad.
  3. 3. Top international companies such asSony Ericsson, Shell, Vodafone,. Bayer, Coca-Cola & HSBCall have employees who have taken one ormore of the BEC examinations.
  4. 4. Listed below are some examples of organisations which have used theBEC examinations as an indication of an individuals English languageproficiency. Ledesma S.A.A.I A.Marshall Moffat SA Litoral Gas SA Accenture Marsh SA Arcor Merrill Lynch Argentina SA Chevron Novo Nordisk Pharma Chubb Argentina de Seguros Argentina SA Coca-Cola Company Pricewaterhouse Copetro SA Coopers (PwC) Deloitte Shell ETEK Argentina (Reycom) Sodexho Exolgan Telefónica Gates Argentina SA Unifón Genencor Vidriería Argentina SA Grupo Peñaflor Kodak (VASA)
  5. 5. Advantages that come with these certificates. • Preparation • Knowledge • Higher Qualifications • Recognition
  6. 6. • Preparation enabling you to study in English which will permit you masters, updates, innovations, etc in your field of choice.• Knowledge In-depth knowledge of different subjects and the ability to expand their contents.• Higher Qualifications not only qualifications but also written proof of your level of ability in different areas.• Recognition Everytime wider recognition by peers, educational institutions, jobs, governments, locally and internationally.
  7. 7. Why BEC?Advantages of studying for the Business English Certificate:
  8. 8. Knowledge of practical business terms:Ability to - prepare an interview a CV arrange meetings make travel plans talk to providers write business letters and emails write reports and proposals etc
  9. 9. A single Certificate:BEC has a separate certificate which can beadded as an individual item to your CV (or asa separate paper to your professional profile).
  10. 10. BEC and other certificates can be used asproof of your ability to use the languagewell enough in the university of yourchoice.
  11. 11. Certificates are based on testing real language skillsrelevant for todays world of business, rather thanlearning lists of words and grammar from books..
  12. 12. That is Thank you