Introduction to Goodreads Instructional Presentation - by Lorinda Jones


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Instructional Tutorial Presentation about the Goodreads website.

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Introduction to Goodreads Instructional Presentation - by Lorinda Jones

  1. 1. Introduction to Goodreads  Goodreads is an excellent free website for people who loves and enjoys reading. It is a book site for exploring and sharing with others multiple selection of books and learning a new adventure for reading. A member of Goodreads can see bookshelves, rate books, rate books, edit books, select books for check out , see what you have read, what you are reading, join book clubs, join social groups, post writing, contact authors, and more.
  2. 2. Group Presentation Course Goodreads Tutorial
  3. 3. Create a free Goodreads account       Go to Create a user name, password, and type email address - sign-up is complete: Must use your first and last name, your name will appear Password must be six or more characters New here? Create a free account! By clicking “Sign up” I agree to the Goodreads Terms of Service and confirm that I am at least 13 years old. You can modify, delete, and set your privacy setting at anytime after you have signed in.
  4. 4. Find Friends Page will appear Getting Started  Can find and add friends You can skip this step if you are not interested in adding friends 
  5. 5. Find and select your favorite Genre (type of book you like)       Goodreads will use your favorite genres to make better book recommendations and customize your browsing experience on Goodreads. Click the “want to read” green tab for the book that you want to read Christian Manga Spirituality Humor and Comedy
  6. 6. Rate and Review Books  Rate Books that You’ve Read  5 - Star Rating for books  *1. did not like **2. it was ok *** 3. really liked it ****4. really liked it *****5. it was amazing         Can share reviews with others Goodreads learns about your personal tastes from your ratings. Rate 20 more books to get personalized recommendations! Click I’m finished rating, when finished
  7. 7. Welcome to Goodreads, Sample   A welcome page with you name will appear You will have the option to: • To see what you are currently reading •Add friends to see their latest reads • Comment on their reads • Rate books you’ve read to get recommendations • Rate 20 books and Goodreads will learn your tastes • Find and add books to your shelves
  8. 8. Add books to shelves    Select the box with find and add books to your shelves Search by all title, author, ISBN, list, or genre Can search by books, groups, quotes, events, stories, people, listopia, and trivia
  9. 9. Home Page      Deciding what to read next? What are your friends reading? Search and browse books Shows trivia, quizzes, and quotes Shows a list of Goodreads Choice Awards best books
  10. 10. My Books Page       You can: See what books you have read See what books you are currently reading Get book recommendations Add books to shelves See what books you own
  11. 11. Friends Page    Can search for Goodreads (members) friends by name or email Goodreads friends of friends, etc. Can add friends
  12. 12. Recommendations Tab         How book recommendations works: Recommendations by shelf ? Recommendations by genre ? More actions Recommendations for users Give recommendations Ask for recommendations Books marked as “not interested”
  13. 13. The Explore Tab  Can explore and review the Explore tab in a variety of ways:  genres listopia giveaways popular goodreads voice e-books trivia quizzes quotes community groups creative writing people events             
  14. 14. Member profile information   You can edit or change your profile, and more Select the member book image or the drop down arrow image
  15. 15. Drop down arrow icon       Sample (name of Goodreads member) edit profile friends help switch to mobile sign out
  16. 16. Sign out  You may sign out of Goodreads, once you have finished exploring and navigating the website.
  17. 17. Goodreads member privacy information   Goodreads, Inc. care about how your information is used and shared. Goodreads will not use or share your information with anyone except as described in the Privacy Policy. Goodreads use the personal information you submit to operate, maintain, and provide to you the features and functionality of the Service. Goodreads never discloses your personal information to any third party unless you have instructed Goodreads to do so.
  18. 18. Questions ????  Question & Answer Time….
  19. 19.  I hope that you all have enjoyed the Introduction to Goodreads presentation tutorial!!!!