Content is King


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How to determine the best content for various social media applications.

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Content is King

  1. 1. Pinterest –www.pinterest.comDigital Pin (Bulletin) boards. Pictures and videos can be pinned and repined to pin boards. Thenewest and fastest growing form of social media. You must be invited to sign up for an account.You can request an invitation or have a current user send you an invitation (which is faster). Pinterest Etiquette: Try to... o Be Respectful. Pinterest is a community of people. We know that individual tastes are personal, but please be respectful in your comments and conversations. o Be Authentic. Pinterest is an expression of who you are. Being authentic to who you are is more important than winning lots of followers or fans. o Credit Your Sources. Pins are the most useful when they have links back to the original source. If you notice that a pin is not sourced correctly, leave a comment so the original pinner can update the source. o Avoid obvious self promotion.Use Pinterest with Images of the lifestyle your company promotes – Luxury, Health andwellness, Family Fun, Romantic Getaways…Show your company’s personality – pictures of employees at company outing, FAM trip,Meeting and Incentive group, doing a community service project.Make your board names interesting – Rooms with a view, Exotic food, Where I’m headed, etc.Ways to pin – upload image, pin web images using a book marklet, pin images using the “Pin it”button, pin images using a URL. You can add a Pin it button to other social media sites yourcompany is using such as Facebook, twitter, blog, website.You can invite your friends on twitter and Facebook to follow you on Pinterest. Invite yourcurrent customers to follow you on Pinterest.Use SEO keywords, links and hash tags in your tag captions and include the URL for yourwebsite.Get people to follow you on Pinterest. You can follow a person, single board or multiple boards.When getting started select interests and Pinterest will suggest people to follow.Main demographic – Females, 25-45 years of ageExamples:
  2. 2. The site above belongs to Bethany Mills our instructor for the Webinar presented by Asta “Is Pinterest right for you?” Help Section shows you how to use Pinterest. Examples- Travelchannel -• Romance and Honeymoons Follow Animals around the world Europe Follow• Family Travel 8 pins
  3. 3. • Lets Celebrate: Spring! Follow• Festivals and Events 9 pins Follow• Travel Style Video Gallery Board – Videos from websites such as UTube can be pinned to your boards.
  4. 4. Loading... Heres a quick video that shows you how to pin a video on Pinterest. If you have an online oroffline business, you MUST be harnessing the power of this fast-growing social platform.Pinterest drives more website traffic than Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Reddit...COMBINED!! Heres the right way to use it.- Matthew Loop, DCPS - View the blog post at: to Pin a Video on PinterestHow to use PinterestHow to market on PinterestHow to advertise on Pinterest
  5. 5. BLOGS -Company Blog – • Use a travel writer if possible • A catchy title for the article is important • Keep the reader interested and engaged • Pictures add additional interest and better perspective • Leave them with a desire to learn more about the place, ship, resort, etc featured in your blog • Always have a link to subscribe to your blog on the bottom of the article • Have a social media link on your website to your blogwww.thetravelauthority.blogspot.comExamples-MONDAY, JULY 30, 2012ISLE SMILE: THE KEYS TO MY HEARTBY: JANETSTEINBERG The keys to my heart are not made of silver orgold. The Keys to my heart are a 125-mile chain of laid-back islands in Florida that extends from Mile Marker 0 in Key West, to Mile Marker 126 in KeyLargo. The 42 bridges that connect The Keys span the Atlantic Ocean, Florida Bay, and the Gulf of Mexico.Monday, June 18, 2012ASHEVILLE: GOING TOPLESS IN THE MOUNTAINSBY: JANET STEINBERGHopping into a shiny black convertible…top down…sun on my face and wind in my hair…my husband and I set out for a 1458-mile drive through NorthCarolina, dubbed the “Tar Heel State”.
  6. 6. GOING TOPLESS IN THE MOUNTAINS Greeted by mountains, my spirits soared. Crisp air filled my lungs and the scent of the forest was nothing short of overwhelming. I knew I was aboutto encounter a timeless natural beauty…a place where nature transcended the ordinary…a place called Asheville, North Carolina, “The Land of theSky”.Facebook-www.facebook.comFacebook for it to post articles, travel related images, travel tips, tips for travel to a special event,blog posts, run promotions and contests and updates in the travel industry, as it affectstravelers.We recently ran a promotion to increase the number of followers on our Facebook page.Each week any new followers were entered into a drawing for a $50 American Expressgift card. The winner was announced each week on our facebook page. This helpsincrease the number of followers substantially. Carnival has been extremely successfulin using social media to increase followers and likes.Get your agents to post your blog and special client events they may be hosting.I posted our Worlds’ largest cruise night last year and our 1 Week Sale in April on myfacebook site and got emails right
  7. 7. Mobile application, used by smart phones and Ipads. Vendors can add specials toencourage users to “check-in” at their location. Examples, check-in at Chili’s andreceive a free chips and salsa appetizer. You can check-in and let friends know you arethere. (Security settings available to block this feature or only let select people see yourlocation).This is the current “Check-in” special listed on FourSquare for our local office:Book a qualifying cruise or tour with this American Express Travel Representative office and receive $150in American Express gift cheques! Speak to a travel counselor for details.Unlocked every check-inOffer valid while supplies last. Limit one per customer. For complete terms and conditions visit: it as a GPS to find local businesses near you. It will give you the address, phoneand map of the area. video websiteUsers can upload, view and share videos on just about any topic you could possiblyimgation. location to find videos you can upload to your company website, pinterest accountor facebook.