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Final Project: The Petter's Show


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Final Project: The Petter's Show

  1. 1. The Petter’s Show<br />William Sierra. I.D: 20.455.444.<br />Fabiola Pereira. I.D: 18.100.016.<br />Miguel Fernandez. I.D: 20.084.283.<br />Liz Mary Fernandez. I.D: 17.894.130.<br />
  2. 2. Topic 1: Introduction<br />Miguel and Liz: Hi I am Miguel and I am Liz.<br />Miguel: This show is about four students at URBE that want to spend a nice time practicing their English. <br />Miguel: So let’s start with Fabiola, Good morning Fabiola (Fabiola is from Caracas).<br />Fabiola: Good morning Miguel.<br />Liz: And I’ll introduce William. He is from Maracaibo.<br />William: Hi good morning Liz.<br />Miguel: Well William, what are you studying at URBE?<br />William: I study Informatics Engineering here at URBE, Miguel.<br />Liz: Oh, do you really like Math?<br />William: Yes, I really like it.<br />Miguel: What about you Fabiola?<br />Fabiola: I study Industrial Engineering.<br />Liz: Guys what are your opinions about English?<br />William: I liked the English since I was a kid. I really love it!<br />Fabiola: I like it, but it is not easy for me.<br />Miguel: Well my friends we are going to let you with some music to your ears.<br />
  3. 3. Topic 2: Technology<br />Liz: Well there is something that we can’t to forget in everything that we do in our lives, the using of technology.<br />Miguel: Yes, that’s true. Just think living only one we week without electricity for example.<br />Liz: Let’s ask to our guests. What are your opinions about this topic?<br />William: I think that technology is very important in our lives, because it brings us simplicity and facilities to do all more easily.<br />Miguel: Fabiola, what about you? What do you think of the new trend of using smartphones for connecting to internet?<br />Fabiola: I think they are very useful, but they are too expensive for be carrying on all the time.<br />Liz: Yes I can’t believe the poor security that we have in our country. Let’s forget it and relax with some music.<br />
  4. 4. Topic 3: Movies<br />Miguel: Let’s talk about movies. William, what is your favorite movie?<br />William: Mu favorite movie is fast and furious.<br />Liz: It’s cool, I like it too. Fabiola, what is your favorite movie?<br />Fabiola: It’s Finding Nemo, because it’s interesting and cute.<br />Miguel: What movie do you recommend us?<br />William: I recommend you Miguel: Inception, it’s really nice that movie. <br />Fabiola: I recommend Harry Potter’s last movie.<br />Liz: What are your favorite actors?<br />Fabiola: I like Tom Hanks.<br />William: I really love Megan Fox.<br />Miguel: Let’s listening some music.<br />
  5. 5. Topic 4: Vacation<br />Liz: Our final topic is about vacations. Where are you going to go on vacations? I like this topic is interesting and cool. I would like to visit my family, but I’m going to work. Fabiola, where are you going to go on vacations?<br />Fabiola: I’m going to go to Caracas, and visit my family.<br />Miguel: That sounds great. I can’t wait the vacation’s arriving for resting of this hard trimester. William, what are you going to do on vacations? <br />William: Miguel, I think that I’m going to go to Margarita and spend some time on the beach or buy some new things.<br />Miguel: Well, this is it! I was a pleasure to talk with you. See you in a next edition of the Peter’s show.<br />Liz: It’s a pleasure to spend time with you. See you… Good bye.<br />Fabiola: Good bye every one.<br />William: Bye. <br />
  6. 6. Hardware and Software<br />Hardware: Laptop, pc, microphone withearphone<br />Software: Audacity and Microsoft power point<br />