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This presentation looks at the future of, and trend within the digital enviroment. It offers detailed explanations of new media and technology, providing examples of campaigns deploying cohesive and creative creative digital marketing strategy

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  • Source of image: Hubspot
  • Source of image: Hubspot
  • Source of image: Hubspot
  • Evidently the internet is not just changing how we communicate but also how we behave
  • - Generation Y represent future audience projections- They are the those who are digital Natives who grow-up accustomed and respond naturally to the fast pace digital environment and seamlessly use it as apart of their everyday lives.
    - 67% of experts agreed that by 2020 Gen Y will have continue to be ambient broadcasters using social media to stay connected and benefit from social, political and economic opportunities (Pew Internet 2010)
  • Generation Y, also known as the Millennial Generation, Generation Next or Net Generation are digital Natives there is not exact start and finish date to this cohort but in roughly reflects tweens to thirties
  • Andriod, Google Ad exchange, Crowdsourcing
  • Delivery
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  • Digital trends

    1. 1. Future of Digital 1.Digital Overview 2.Means of Attraction 3.Digital Trends 4.Conclusion
    2. 2. Digital Overview
    3. 3. Source:: World Internet Stats [online] Sept 2009 82.5% of the UK population is online, a 234% growth 2000-10 82.5 % 234.0 %
    4. 4. 18.7% 10.1% 11.7% 14.8% UK Media Consumption
    5. 5. 18.7% 10.1% 11.7% 14.8% 18.2% 9.2% UK Media Consumption
    6. 6. Digital socialisation is entrenched into modern culture
    7. 7. Think about how it is ingrained in our daily lives... Communicate Entertain ourselves Purchase items and services How we seek information
    8. 8. UK internet hour  1 in 4.5 UK minutes online are accounted for by Social Networks & Blogs.  In the last 3yrs email & Online Gaming has leapfrogged Instant Messaging Source: UKOM 2010
    9. 9. Social Media is now a mature market
    10. 10. Source: Participatory Marketing Network, May 09 96% of Gen Y have social media profiles
    11. 11. Source: Socionomics [Online} 2009 Gen Y now outnumber baby boomers
    12. 12. Source: Nielsen Wire June 2010 And its not just our youth who are digital savvy.... 1 in 4 Brits on the net are 50-64 yrs
    13. 13. The digital environment now exists beyond conventional touch points
    14. 14. Think beyond traditional
    15. 15. Means of attraction
    16. 16. Paid search Online advertising Social Media Mobile No SEO strategy Poor usability Bad eCRM Beware of Leaky Bucket
    17. 17. Website Search & Affiliate blogging Content Online Media Social Networking mobile More DR Focused Standard Media Home for conversion Ways to be found Means of Attraction
    18. 18. Website Search & Affiliate blogging Content Online Media Social Networking mobile More brand Focused Rich Media Means of Attraction Home for conversion Ways to be found
    19. 19. Brand Loyalty Digression
    20. 20. Digital Trends
    21. 21. Standard Media
    22. 22. Standard Media does not need to be ‘standard’
    23. 23. Have a fresh take on the basics
    24. 24. Sexy Search Click image to view Ann Summers recently run a campaign with the objective of building the brand online through search. The result was an ingenious campaign that produced bang on brand copy at a fraction of the cost by bidding on high-traffic, topical keywords and assigning a cheeky, on-brand search result
    25. 25. Best in Class Website Click image to view Wonderwall is a Japanese interior design firm. Their site is an online portfolio portraying their “distinctly unique design” that is “attentive to function”. True to this, the site reflects this philosophy with beautiful design and yet easy navigation. Its draws a user into the playful presentation of content; complementing brand aesthetics and balanced consumer information to drive interest.
    26. 26. Display Media Pringles won a Gold Cyber Lion in Cannes Advertising Festival with these interactive banners that elevate standard media with rich content. Targeting youth, “Can Hands” unveils a story as the user clicks on each banner, unlocking surprises at every turn- depicting just how quirky, fun and downright weird life with Pringles can be
    27. 27. Interactive eCRM This interactive email is yet another Ann Summers feat illustrating standard media elevation through rich content. The email was a valentines special mailer which enabled users to create a sexy personalised valentines message for loved one, driving online sales by inviting users to give the sender personal info needed for a gift purchase. Cleverly the email had data mechanics built in on numerous levels, gaining information as specific as bra size. Interaction was driven through a topical and timely send-out in conjunction to novel, humorous content to drive engagement Click image to view
    28. 28. Rich Media
    29. 29. Trends • Content - Augmented Reality - Branded Utility - Social Collaborative Art • Social Media - Twitter - Facebook - You Tube • Social Gaming - Farmville • Mobile - Geo-location & Real-time • Cross Media - Digital Integration - Digital Mapping
    30. 30. Content
    31. 31. Augmented Reality
    32. 32. Augmented Reality (AR): is a live direct or indirect manipulation of a physical environment. Using AR, elements of the a real world environment can be augmented in real-time, by superimposing virtual computer generated sensory input such as sound or graphics. AR can enhance one’s current perception of reality, reaching beyond the static graphics of television and adjusting to the users every head, hand or eye movement. *** Augmented reality has made a significant contribution in mobilising e-commerce, overcoming online purchase barriers in visualisation and trial. AR enables consumers to experience and play with a product prior to committing to purchase What is it?
    33. 33. Ray-Ban attempted to make the online sunglasses shopping experience a little easier with their virtual Mirror. Using 3D Augmented technology, this nifty application allows you to try on the goods without the need to be in the store. Click image to view Ray Ban Virtual Mirror
    34. 34. Click image to view This is great example of the mergence of on and offline to create a seamlessly integrated campaign. The objective was to drive online purchase through AR and enabling consumers to try before they buy. Overcoming possible technological barriers, Tissot created a massive outdoor showroom to showcase not only their product but how to use the technology to facilitate online purchase. Tissot Augmented Outdoor Showroom
    35. 35. “It’s easier to be repeatedly useful than repeatedly funny” R. Sutherland “It’s easier to be repeatedly useful than repeatedly funny” R. Sutherland Branded UtilityBranded Utility
    36. 36. Branded utility is when the brand situates itself at the heart of an objects usefulness. Branded Utility is often subtle branding and rather than directly pushing brand or product aesthetics, creates cut through by identifying closely with a related consumer need and adding extra value by fulfilling it as a go-to resource. What i s i t ?What is it?
    37. 37. Fiat’s ecoDrive is an ideal marriage of social and technology. Using a cool little USB gadget plugged into your car, the ecoDrive will measure your driving performance. This can then be plugged into your computer to download a performance report and shared or compared to friends and colleagues or kept as personal target. EcoDrive ticks all the boxes, green, social and simple to use with real consumer value. Fiat ecoDrive Click image to view
    38. 38. Simple but effective! There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to find an ATM when you need one! Mastercard’s iPhone app is the pinnacle of branded utility –resolving the problem of what can be a very frustrating daily activity with their ATM hunter. MasterCard ATM Hunter
    39. 39. Social Collaborative Art
    40. 40. Social Collaboration: The internet has transformed how we socialise, breaking down geographic boundaries and promoting information sharing and individual expression. Stemming from this, there is a growing trend for social collaborative projects that capture the unique and moving ways the digital environment can be used to unite people, passions and interests in collaborative works. What is it?
    41. 41. Johnny Cash Project The Johnny Cash invites fans to recreate every single frame of the video using a fairly rudimentary online painting tool The Johnny Cash Project is a global collective art project. Working with a single image as a template and using a custom drawing tool, you can create a unique and personal portrait of Johnny. Your work will then be combined with art from participants around the world, and integrated into a collective whole: a music video for "Ain’t No Grave" Click image to view
    42. 42. You Tube Symphony Orchestra allows musicians worldwide to audition for an international orchestra using the You Tube platform. You Tube Symphony Orchestra Click image to view
    43. 43. “Womanity” was a recent Thierry Muglar campaign. The website consisted of a mosaic of tiles, each hosting a piece of contributed content expressing the creativity of women around the world i.e. Poem, video, picture. Each piece of content was assigned a corresponding color by the contributor which was used to form a “mood bar” seen at the top of the page. At the end of campaign the mood indicator was used to determined the next product to be released by the brand - A scent titled Womanity. Thierry Muglar: Womanity Click image to view
    44. 44. Social Media
    45. 45.  500m active user worldwide  300,000 business have a presence Facebook  #2 largest search engine in the world  13hrs of video uploaded every minute  100,000,000 videos viewed per day  75, 000, 000m+ user  Over 50m tweets daily Just how big is social media
    46. 46. Social Media is now apart of dominate modern culture, forming the foundations of a mainstream communication currency.
    47. 47. Tippex have created this clever and fun interactive play that enables people to type their own action into the tippexed space to determine the end of the Hunter and Bear tale. This is great campaign supported by strong content that can absorb you in many hours of fun Tippex turns spectators into participants Click image to view
    48. 48. Diesel brought the on an offline worlds a little closer with an interactive in-store installation in Spain. Consumers were able to take & then publish pictures directly to their own Facebook account, using Facebook Connect in-store to log in safely. Diesel's Facebook Change-room Click image to view
    49. 49. The American fashion label incorporated Twitter into an innovative marketing campaign in order to offer special deals to customers. For every tweet about one of their products, the price of the item would be reduced for all potential buyers. The extensive social media activity by users succeeded in securing discounts of up to 60%. Price Cutting Tweets
    50. 50. Social Gaming
    51. 51. Stemming from the social media craze- “Social games” are web-based games like Mafia Wars and FarmVille played on social networks like Facebook, not Xbox 360 action games which remains dominated by young males. Interestingly however, a recent a recent survey of those who play online social games found that the average social gamer is a 43-year-old woman. In fact it showed 55% of social gamers are female and 45% are male. Facebook was noted as the most popular destination for online games, with 83% of respondents saying they have played games there. So why is this such an up and coming trend? One hundred million people are playing these games and about $1 billion in revenue is expected this year alone Mashable: Social Media Survey 02/17/2010 What is it?
    52. 52. FarmVille has 80 million+ active users
    53. 53. That’s more active users than
    54. 54. Do you consider FarmVille a viable social platform?
    55. 55. Green Giant On FarmVille In the US, Farmville teamed up with Green Giant to put Farmville Cash coupon stickers with ‘5 free farm cash’ on select Green Giant products. In the 6wk pilot for the promotion, more than 100,000 in virtual Farm Cash was redeemed using the stickers, which appeared on 25 different Green Giant produce items
    56. 56. McDonald’s created a branded farm on Farmville and in a special one day event and become a “Neighbour Farm” to every Farmville player in the world. Players were able to work on the McDonald’s Farm were rewarded with all sorts of virtual McCafe items that enabled them to grow their own farms twice as fast! This was an ingenious campaign for McDonald’s who gained both instant exposure and potential brand interaction to Farmville’s 80m+ active global players around. McDonalds ‘Neighbour Farm’
    57. 57. Chromaroma is a game depicting your travel movements by capturing Oyster Card data as you swipe in and out of the Tube. It aims to connects communities of people who cross paths and routes on a regular basis, encouraging people to explore alternative journeys and highlighting common points for people to socialise, whilst potentially also minimising travel stress. Chromaroma illustrates just how mainstream and useful social gaming techniques have and can become. Chromaroma Click image to view
    58. 58. Mobile
    59. 59. 45 Million UK Mobile Users aged 18years + 91% mobile users go online to socialise compared to 79% of traditional desktop users Dec 2009 GSMA Mobile Media & IAB Oct 2010
    60. 60. Geo-location
    61. 61. Location based services utilise Global positioning systems (GPS) to associate a users position with their activities and interests to enrich the social networking experience User submitted location data enables social networks to connect & coordinate a users with their locales, offering explanation, analysis & detailed commentary through a combination of multimedia content. With the growth of mobile and social media and demand for real-time information, Geo-location social apps are making their mark; the most prominent being Foursquare, Gowalla and Facebook Places which have stirred much media hype this year. What is it?
    62. 62. Facebook Places broadcasts a location check-in to a user news feed, users can view friends and events nearby or review/recommend place. Centric to the concept is to enhance the social experience by utilising location to merge on and offline. Unlike it’s main rivals Gowalla and Foursquare, Places misses a gaming element. In saying this, it has partnered with other geo-location companies, including Gowalla, Foursquare, InCrowd and Yelp to help integrate it’s services. Recently added was a function to find local deals, expanding the platforms marketing potential. Although there are no published numbers for usage, with Facebook’s 500+ active million users the potential for Places is evidently vast. Facebook Places
    63. 63. Foursquare has two primary functions. Firstly, a social component for sharing your location with friends, figuring out where they are or making a recommendation. Second is a gaming element centred around the collection of points, prize "badges," and eventually coupons. In October 2010 Foursquare signed up its 4 millionth member and to date has generated much interest as an extended social media strand, enabling brands to directly reward loyalty. Foursquare
    64. 64. Although Gowalla has been in the spotlight as a LBS contender, outside the US Gowalla holds little pull as a marketing platform with a base of approx 450,000 global members. Similar to Foursquare, Gowalla works on a gaming premise that rewards users with badges and points for check-ins. Although you are able to connect with friends, Gowalla has a more individual focus than Foursquare. Gowalla
    65. 65. Jimmy Choo teamed up with Foursquare for a trainer treasure hunt around London (Catch-a Choo). Participants were lead through a series of suitably fashionable London check-in points on Foursquare and location details were simultaneously posted on twitter and Facebook. Ultimately the objective was to arrive at the final destination and catch a pair of swanky trainers before they left. Click here for more details.
    66. 66. Chicago tourism came up an engaging idea using a social media play on nostalgia to drive interest in the city. Using foursquare, visitors were encouraged to explore Chicago the way Ferris Bueller did in John Hughes classic; Ferris Buellers Day Off. Supported by ‘The Explore Chicago Giveaway’ (a free trip for two out-of towners) on Foursquare’s Facebook page, users were invited to post a comment detailing the scene they would like to recreate from the movie.
    67. 67. This mini cooper campaign is a brilliant game of catch. Using a mobile geo-location app users must track and catch a mini and then keep there distance from other users for 7days in order to win the mini as a prize. This is an innovative example of brands thinking beyond the limitations that existing Geo-location apps may offer, building their own platform to meet their specific needs Click image to view
    68. 68. Digital Cross Channel
    69. 69. Digital Integration: Achieving cut through in a saturated market is increasingly reliant on engaging consumers through experience. Brands are exploring new ways to push the boundaries of technology and extend reach beyond conventional static platforms. Digital integration is a cross channel application of digital technology, creating new and exciting environments for consumers to interact with brands
    70. 70. Toyota Auris used 3D light projection in a recent campaign to illustrate the cars recycled energy. The idea entailed parking the car in a normal, everyday location and using projection mapping showcase the Hybrid technology. To people walking past on the night the car appeared to come alive, the bodywork of the car peeling back to reveal a glowing blue light to symbolize the car's recycled energy. The blue light then escaped from the car ‘energising’ objects in the surrounding environment - before going back into the car to demonstrate how the Auris Hybrid gets its energy back.
    71. 71. I am a big fan of light projections so I may come across a little enthusiastic but this 3D light projection from Samsung is magic! It perfectly captured the technical craftsmanship of their product, stopping people in the street & obtaining a wealth of earned off and online media Click image to view
    72. 72. Join the Hilfiger Hall of Fame in Dublin by adding your pictures to an interactive wall! The store features a unique through-window touch screen, providing an interface for shoppers to capture, stylise and submit their image even outside of business hours. At the end of the campaign, customers can return to the store and have their own T-shirt specially printed using the image they created as the design.
    73. 73. Conclusion  Digital is ingrained in modern culture & a prime facet of mainstream communication.  Don’t be blinded by sexy technology and remember the basics  Standard Media doesn’t need to be standard, elevate it through rich content  Think social! Earned media is the most powerful  Engage, Interact, Entertain and don’t forget to Listen and Learn  Creativity is key, a good idea that is well executed will carry further than expensive glossy production  Digital now exist beyond conventional Touch points- New technologies are merging the virtual and real-world.  REMEMBER the strongest campaign is a fully integrated one. Digital should not be an afterthought. It needs to be included in primary creative planning.
    74. 74. Thank You Liz Ryan: Digital Planner Skive Creative