Vmf april 2012 template with opening & closing slides


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  • Introduce self and other facilitators. Explain roles. Ask if everyone has: signed in at Reception AND signed the Workshop Attendee list? Checked that the details on the Attendee list are accurate (name spellings, phone numbers, postcodes, email addresses etc)? Ask everyone to write name on placecard Inform everyone of: Location of toilets Emergency procedure Tea & coffee & sweets State mobile phone ‘policy’ – Phones on silent or vibrate; leave the room if its necessary to take a call during the presentation. Discuss CONFIDENTIALITY agreement – everything said in this forum is confidential unless another person is in danger. State that everyone’s contribution is valid regardless of how insignificant the contributor may feel it is Request respect for the tutor and facilitator to keep things moving Ask for any other ‘learner agreement/group contract’ requests Offer large print handouts and yellow or blue slip files for persons with sight difficulty. Explain who Martin Forbes is and why he is here Explain that Personal Best personnel will be arriving at midday or just after. State finish time and coffee time
  • Vetting and checking volunteer’s references may not be a useful exercise – recognising the limitations of CRB checking – and more from Karolina later about this Testing volunteers skills must be relevant to the task (s) they will engage in It is vital volunteers are able to help your organisation to achieve its aims Effective organisations need to be efficient and use resources concentrate on outcomes. The time spent in training and developing volunteers is an investment in the future health and strength of the organisation .
  • Close fit between organisational goals and volunteers motivations for volunteering = success ? External Values – Pride of association with the charity / cause / comradeship / personal friendship/ personal obligation Internal Self Values Close identification with users Empathy and sympathy
  • Values of organisation = history – there may be variations in values at different levels of the organisations Goals are often explicit and formal and should be easy to articulate Colleagues – the people who the volunteer will meet and those who do not Important the volunteers appreciate where they fit and this is recognised by everyone in the organisaiton the trustees are aware Basics – fire exits, toilets, tea coffee, signing in and out – identity – confidentiality agreement
  • Not all volunteers will be interested or need to know about the external relationships your organisation values Some, particularly trustees will have to know about and appreciate the need for these and respect them Volunteers can be useful ambassadors and representatives of your organisation
  • Vmf april 2012 template with opening & closing slides

    1. 1. Welcome to the Volunteering Programme Managers’ Forum Tuesday 24 April 2012Recruitment, Selection, Induction and Retention Keeping the right volunteers
    2. 2. Housekeeping Fire Phones First aid Respect Confidentiality Hearing Toilets
    3. 3. Agenda10.00 Welcome & introductions10.15 Recruitment (Wendy) & Selection (Lizzie)10.45 Forum discussion: Recruitment & Selection11.15 NETWORKING BREAK Coffee & buns11.30 Induction (Lizzie) & Retention (Sibo)11.50 Forum discussion: Induction & Retention12.20 Pinterest social networking site (Daniel)12.30 Safeguarding update (Karolina)12.40 News updates & excitements (Lizzie)13.00 Ends
    4. 4. Welcome & Introductions Just a minute… Name, role & organisation
    5. 5. News & excitements• Changes at Volunteer Centre Ealing• Volunteers direct• Complain now• Less of Lizzie• Experts in Volunteering• Volunteers’ Week cancelled
    6. 6. Selection• Vetting and checking - references• Existing skills testing• Motivations – Existing – Potential – Checking – mutual mid-trial period review• Rejection – Referral back to Volunteer Centre
    7. 7. ‘The Values Balance’External Values Internal Self Values Ambition Self awareness Success Self esteem Money Being the real me Prestige Caring for Stress Self Improvement Reward Education
    8. 8. Induction (internal)• Values, aims, beliefs• Goals – shorter and longer term plans• Colleagues• Organisation structure + trustee board• Practical matters• Training requirements and schedule
    9. 9. Induction (external)• Partnerships• Funding arrangements• National body• Legislative framework• Lobby and campaigning
    10. 10. Diary dates SAVE THE DATE…•Volunteer Managers’ Forums 2012  Thursday 24 May  Tuesday 18 September•West London Volunteering Forum ‘Make ADifference’ Conference  Wednesday 24 October
    11. 11. Thank you!Please give your evaluation form to Wendy!