Vocabulary project


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Vocabulary project

  1. 1. Research Paper Love 1Elizabeth LoveMs. HiggninsHonors English 10October 27, 2010 Siddhartha Vocabulary Table of contents: 2. Folly 3. Cistern 4. Melodious 5. Jocular 6. Jackals 7. Monotonously 8. Imbued 9. Futilely 10.Maya 11.Hastening 12.Elicited 13.Peevish
  2. 2. Research Paper Love 2 14.Indolent 15.Enthralled 16.Ostracized Folly-What I thought it had meant: dangerous.What it really means: lack of good sense; foolishnessMakesticker.com
  3. 3. Research Paper Love 3 CisternWhat I thought it meant: bad.What it really means: a res-ervoir, tank, or con- tainerfor storing or holding wateror other liquid.1
  4. 4. Research Paper Love 4Take apictureMelodiousWhat I thought it meant: calm; relaxingWhat it really means:Of the nature of or characterized by melody; tuneful; sweet-sounding; musical1
  5. 5. Research Paper Love 5Paint a picture
  6. 6. Research Paper Love 6JocularWhat I thought it meant: nice; respectful.What it really means: joking around or jesting; waggish; facetiousPolitical Cartoon
  7. 7. Research Paper Love 7JackalsWhat I thought they meant: mean peopleWhat it really means: a person who performs menial or degrading tasks for anotherPolitical Cartoonhttp://www.dreamstime.com/stock-images-car-wash-image1423504
  8. 8. Research Paper Love 82MonotonouslyWhat I thought it meant: oneWhat it really means: dull, tedious, boringPaint a picture
  9. 9. Research Paper Love 9ImbuedWhat I thought it meant:explodeWhat it really means: inspireones feelingsBumper Sticker:makesticker.com
  10. 10. Research Paper Love 10FutilelyWhat I thought it meant: soft and quietWhat it really means: incapable of producing any useful results; pointlessAdvertisement
  11. 11. Research Paper Love 11Assiduous
  12. 12. Research Paper Love 12What I thought it meant: full of yourselfWhat it really means: showing great care and perseveranceWhy people donʼt act assiduousPeo-plecanbe sorudeandin-con-sid-er-ate,theyneveract assiduous. If they acted assiduous they wouldn’t wonder why people acted so rudetowards them. I had a questioned mailed into me:“Why do men not act assiduous anymore? Itʼs not like girls donʼt like kind things done tothem.”This is a great question. Guys think that women want to be independent so they don’tdo that many things for them anymore, unless they are a true gentlemen. If you havebeen dating someone for a long time, you should tell them that you want them to openthe car door for you or pull out your chair for you. If he truly loves you he’ll do these littlethings for you.
  13. 13. Research Paper Love 13HasteningWhat I thought it meant: bad or make worseWhat it really means: be quick to do somethingBumper Sticker. Makesticker.com
  14. 14. Research Paper Love 14ElicitedWhat I thought it meant: expectedWhat it really means: evoke or draw out (a response, answer, or fact) from someone inreaction to ones own actions or questions
  15. 15. Research Paper Love 15Pee- vishWhat I thought itmeant: mad; angerWhat it really means: easilyirritated, esp. By unimpor-tant thingsNewspaper articleWhen people act Peevish
  16. 16. Research Paper Love 16 When people act peevish I think that it is one of the most childish things that aperson could do. Why should they sweat the little stuff? If you just let it all go your lifewill just go so much smoother. I got a question mailed into me this week and I want to share it with my readers:“When Iʼm at work people always try and get their way. Though when it doesnʼt go theirway, even over the littlest thing they have a major freak out. Why is that” That is a really good question. People want everything their way or the highway.If it can’t be theirs they will never really be happy. When that happens again this is whatyou should do:Try and combine your ideas with their so they won’t get all freaked out over the littlestdetails.
  17. 17. Research Paper Love 17IndolentWhat I thought it meant: goofy; absentmindedWhat it really means: causing little or no pain; escape from painA new lawLaw 33444 is to be passed as of October 26th, 2010“Anyone taking a medicine that is an indolent without a prescription, youwill be arrested right away”
  18. 18. Research Paper Love 18EnthralledWhat I thought it meant: engrossedWhat it really means: capture the fascinated attention
  19. 19. Research Paper Love 19OstracizedWhat I thought it meant: make things worseWhat it really means: exclude someoneLaw 22343 is declared on October 27th, 2010:“No one is to be ostracized from any major decisions be it in school or inany job type place.”