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This is our Confucianism project

Published in: Spiritual, Education
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  1. 1. Confucianism By Ashley, Lizzie, Ryan, Juwan
  2. 2. Basics Confucius was appalled by the fracturing Chinese society, and he believed that the only cure was to stress the sense of social order and mutual respect. A philosophy that later became known as Confucianism
  3. 3. Founded: Confucianism was founded in China around 500 BCE, during the Zhou Dynasty Confucianism was founded by Confucian, aka Kongzi, in 551-479 BC
  4. 4. Beliefs All encompassing humanism that neither denies nor slights heaven Love for humanity, high value given of family, and devotion of family, peace justice.
  5. 5. Impact influential and respectable of China Confucius was the most philosopher in chines history. Confucianism effected everything in China: education, government, public and private attitudes and etiquettes. China used his ideas as a philosophy and a guide to morality and good government.
  6. 6. By three methods we learn wisdom. By reflection, which is the noblest. By imitation, which is the easiest. By experience which is the bitterest. ~Confucius
  7. 7. Quotes “If the scholar be not grave, he will not call forth any veneration, and his learning will not be soiled.” Basically saying that if a student is malicious and greedy, he will not be respected. ~the analects of Confucius. Chapter one.
  8. 8. Quote 2 “Have no friends not equal to yourself.” This one states that no one should have friends of your lesser standard of what you think of in a person. From The Analects of Confucious Chapter 1