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Introduction to still_life[1]


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Introduction to still_life[1]

  1. 1. Still Life A painting or photograph or sculpture of everyday objects that don’t move
  2. 2. <ul><li>Still life paintings are composed of groups of every day objects: </li></ul>They can be natural subjects, such as food, flowers, fruits or seashells They can be manmade, such as cooking pots, bottles, clothing and other household objects
  3. 3. They can be photographs paintings or 3D pieces
  4. 4. Still Life can come in any style Cubist Expressionist Surrealist pop
  5. 5. When creating a Still Life you may focus on different details It may be the shape or form that is important to your work It may be the colours Or the spaces in between
  6. 6. Almost every famous artist includes still life in their work
  7. 7. Vincent Van Gogh
  8. 8. Henri Matisse
  9. 9. Salvador Dali
  10. 10. Georgia O’Keefe
  11. 11. Andy Warhol
  12. 12. Paul Cezanne
  13. 13. Look at the Still Life composition that has been set up in the classroom You can include all of it …… or part of it ….. or you can make your own composition Choose a position to view it from
  14. 14. Look at the materials that are available to you and choose your medium