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  • The below infograph shows demographic data across these sites measuring: user age, gender, income level, and education level. One area I have noticed is generally females are more involved in social media than males, but you will still find some sites with a majority of users male, and other sites majority of users female.
  • As these audiences and communities expand, so does the amount of time spent online by users. Brands need to consider how they involve themselves in the new social web. At the heart of every successful use of social networking lies one thing: Awareness that, as a brand, you’re joining a very personal conversation with a community that shares a common bond and is made up by people who desire to express their opinions freely. This means that brands need to accept that they’re entering a world with a lack of control. Integrity and openness is imperative, and failing to respect that ethic can have dire consequences. But if understood, the benefits can be very good for business!
  • Defend – best option if you know there are negative brand perceptions in the market (banks etc often use this approach) Attack – works best when you have an engaged workforce to begin with so that they can tell the story for you
  • Where you used to go to the pub after work and winge about your job now people do it on social networks such as Facebook – negative thing about that is that a lot more people can see and generate content.
  • List of companies predominently in the US but including some in Australia who are using twitter to engage their audience. (St George)
  • Deloitte…
  • Embrace the trend, ride the fads. Although it’s important for brands and marketers to get on top of today’s social media platforms, it’s also important not to get hung up on them The crucial factor is not the specific technologies, but the functional benefits of social media for consumers Aim to participate, not dominate. No matter what, a brand has to come into the interaction organically; if the brand tries to orchestrate an appearance, it risks being seen as a pushy salesman making a pitch at a party. Rather, brands must figure out creative ways to foster and support the social interactions that consumers seek online and offline. They must aim to be involved in The more interactions happen online, with no direct offline contact, the more likely they are to tilt toward extreme behavior. Stop thinking online/offline; start thinking interaction. Pay attention to location-specific initiatives. Typically the challenge for a growing business is how to scale up—to move from small, hands-on and local to big and hands-off. With social media the challenge is being able to stay big but scale down and deliver hands-on and local.
  • Listen to what job hunters and employees are saying online – they are already sharing opinions, feedback and recommendations online in a space they feel comfortable in. 14% of people trust ads; 78% of people trust consumer recommendations. Listening gives an honest insight, unlike market research. Do you know what ppl/candidates are saying about your company?
  • Really listening, even on Valentine’s Day Personal responses to all –ve comments, apologising and explaining policy VP from Southwest reach out and speak to Kevin Smith on the phone Blog post re official response, kept –ve comments, re-posted when site crashed due to traffic
  • Consider: Social Media objectives: why do you want to have social media activity? Job Applications? Brand awareness? Employee feedback? Target audience: who do you want to reach? Which platforms are they already using? How are they using them? What makes your company different? What is your brand story? What are the measurements of success? Size of community? Level of engagement? Number of sales leads?
  • Last tweet Nov 2009 No exit strategy, no long-term community plan No explanation why updates have ceased 1074 ppl have actively said they want to hear updates from Boost
  • Vision: To become the destination employer where ‘opportunity’ oriented graduates and early-career seekers want to develop their career The opportunity for RB was the social media platform – connects target market with what RB offers.
  • Find point of difference.
  • Branded Facebook page that lets potential graduates can publicly ask questions, communicate directly with the EY team, as well as meet experienced and young interns. - Gives an insight into life as an EY grad. Puts a human face to the org Increases confidence in the brand Facebook is the most popular social network for iGen Australians
  • The campaign began with simple TV ads, which then went viral on YouTube. The follow-up program in which Mustafa recorded funny videos (approx. 100) in response to fans, bloggers and Twitter influencers (e.g. Alyssa Milano, Guy Kawasaki) hit it out of the park in the zeitgeist. Adweek quotes Visible Measures’ Matt Cutler saying that the total web views for all Old Spice brand videos have reached 110 million, “surpassing the reach of traditional broadcast.” Old Spice body wash sales have increased 107% in the past month.
  • Read it and tweet final aage conference

    1. 1. Some stats…• +400 million using Facebook• +65 million using LinkedIn• +75 million using Twitter• In Australia , one in two use social networking sites• 34.96% of Australian organisations have participated in some form of social networking as a source of talent• 34.47% of Australian organisations thought it was important while 13.20% thought it was very important as a future recruitment tool*Stats are based on global figures in 2010 and results from DestinationTalent and Inspecht, The Source of Talent 2009 Survey
    2. 2. Do Gen Y use social media? They do...what does this mean for our target...? Let’s break it downEach dot on the graph represents 1%
    3. 3. Do Gen Y use social media? Relatively even spread between TheStudents use social media...highest proportion college males and females target age bracket is users of social media and bachelor degreeEach dot on the graph represents 1%
    4. 4. The World of Social media• Generation Y spends over 3 hours per day online• Early Careerists use social media as an authentic extension of their personal relationships. They aren’t likely to befriend strangers online, or brands they aren’t fans of• “Quarter-life crises” has hit this generation especially hard. Early Careerists have been reared on meeting and often exceeding expectations, but due to the down economy, their post-graduation experience has generally been clouded with concern and pessimism• Females tend to drive more conversations across the social web, as they like to share their finds and deals with their online networks
    5. 5. The World of Social media• The type of friends, fans and followers a brand accumulates matters more than the number• On average, approximately 1% of a site’s audience generates 20% of all its traffic by sharing the brand’s content or site links• These “influencers” drive a high share of conversion. These important Internet users can directly influence 30% or more of overall end actions on brand websites by recommending the brand’s site, products or promotions to friendsSuccessful social media marketing isn’t simply about accruing thousands of followers, but insteadprecisely identifying the most influential members of your audience and recognising them fortheir value. By directly engaging one influencer with exclusive opportunities and unique content,you are indirectly engaging thousands of other people who are part of this influencer’s socialsphere.
    6. 6. Social media in recruitmentThe question of moderation• Do you want to lead the conversation or let someone else to do it for you – the impact can be even greater• Take the risk of negative feedback – might be able to solve the problem• Unexpected brand ambassadors• Two options for tackling user generated content – Defend – Attack
    7. 7. Social media in recruitment• Engage with clients, candidates – relationship & network building• Provides two-way communication with potential candidates• Find leads• Employer branding• Post hot jobs, or latest job links on twitter back to the employers or agency’s website• Recruitment news updates. i.e. “Looking for a PHP developer in Melb, top rates apply”• Speaking/networking functions. I.e. “Speaking at XXX on how to find a job”, “Meet us at the Careers Expo”• Links to career content - employee profiles, videos, articles, etc.• Follow discussions on various topics or trends• Connecting with job seekers via twitter• Research candidates• Market intelligence
    8. 8. Who is doing it? Accenture: @Accenture_Jobs ∙ Farmers Insurance: @Farmers_Jobs ∙ Microsoft @JobsBlog ∙ Follett: @FSCCareers ∙ MTV Networks @MTVnetworksjobs∙ ACULIS, Inc.: @aculis ∙ Forrester Research: @forresterjobs ∙ MTV Games @MTVGamesJobs∙ ADP: @ADPCareers ∙ Fullhouse Interactive: @fullhousecareer ∙ MySpace @MySpaceJobs∙ Agilent: @JobsatAgilent ∙ Google: @googlejobs ∙ New York Times: @NYTimesRecruit∙ Allstate Insurance: @AllstateCareers ∙ Hallmark: @hallmarkcareers ∙ Newell Rubbermaid: @CoolJobsatNWL∙ American Express: @brandonpatton ∙ HCA: @acareerathca ∙ Next (UK): @NextCareers∙ AOL: @theregoesdave ∙ Hershey Company: @HersheyCareers ∙ nGenera: @nGeneraCareers∙ APCO Worldwide: @Jessica_lee ∙ Hewitt: @HewittCareers ∙ Odyssey Financial Technologies: @OdysseyCareers∙ Apple: @timesse and @1984jobs ∙ HMV (UK): @HMVCareers ∙ Pearson Education: @JobsAtPearson∙ Assurant Solutions: @AssurantCareers ∙ PepsiCo UK: @Pepsico_UKJobs∙ Atos Origin North America: @aona_recruiting ∙ HomEq Servicing: @dcastrodale ∙ Hitachi Consulting: @havrilla ∙ Raytheon: @Raytheon_Jobs∙ AT&T: @ATTjobs and @therecruiterguy ∙ Hyatt: @hyattcareers ∙ Region 10: @LisaatRegionTen∙ BAE Systems: @kellyviglione ∙ IBM Belgium: @IBMbejobs ∙ Royal Bank of Scotland: @JobsatRBSGroup∙ Best Buy: @bestbuy ∙ IBM UK: @IBMUKCareers ∙ RWRoundarch:@RWRoundarch∙ Blackbaud: @stephmcdonald ∙ IBM South Africa: @IBM_CEEMEA_Jobs ∙ Sodexo: @sodexocareers∙ Burger King: @BKCareers ∙ Intel: @Jobsatintel ∙ Southwest Airlines: @SWALesa∙ CitiGroup: @CitiGroupJobs ∙ Intercontinental Hotel Group: @IHGeCareers ∙ Spotsylvania Medical Center: @CareersAtSRMC∙ City of Kingston: @kingstoncareers ∙ ITA Software: @ITACareers ∙ St. George Bank (Australia): @StGeorgeCareers∙ Clearspring: @ihireu4cs ∙ J.B. Hunt: @JBDriverJobs ∙ Starbucks: @Starbuckscareer∙ Compuware: @scottboren ∙ Kaiser Permanente: @JennStockton ∙ Take Care Health Systems: @TakeCareJobs∙ comScore: @comScoreCareers ∙ Kaplan Test Prep Services: @KTPA_Careers ∙ Thomson Reuters: @steffenson and @TRCareers∙ Crispin Porter + Bogusky: @CPB_Jobs ∙ Twitter: @jobs∙ Davita: @DavitaJobs∙ Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu: Keller Williams Realty: @KWCareers ∙ ∙ Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC): @CyndiPHX ∙ UK Civil Service: @UKCSJobs@JoinDeloitteUS ∙ Kissito: @kissitocareers ∙ United Parcel Service: @UPSjobs∙ Deloitte Australia: @Green_Dot ∙ KPMG: @KPMGRecruitment (in the UK) and ∙ University of Pittsburgh Med Center:∙ Disney/ABC: @DisneyABC @recruitingtruth @UPMCCareers∙ Ecolab: @Ecolab_Jobs ∙ Kroger: @KrogerWorks ∙ United States Department of State: @DOScareers∙ EDS: @tinahuckabay ∙ LexisNexis: @LN_Recruiting ∙ Verizon: @VerizonCareers∙ EMC Careers: @EMCCareers and ∙ Mattel: @MattelRecruiter and @mattelmba ∙ Verizon Wireless: @CareersatVZW@EMCCollege ∙ Mayo Clinic: @MayoClinicJobs ∙ Warner Brothers Entertainment: @WBCareers∙ Ernst and Young: @Ernst_and_young ∙ McCormick & Schmick @Careers_At_MSSR ∙ Washington Post: @washpostjobs∙ Excellaco: @excellaco ∙ McGladrey: @lifeatmcgladrey ∙ Wipro: @WiproCareers∙ Expedia: @expedia_jobs ∙ Yellowbook: @ybrecruiting ∙ Zappos: @electra ∙ Twitter Job Aggregator: @tweetmyjobs
    9. 9. Who is doing it well….
    10. 10. Who is doing it well….
    11. 11. Who is doing it well….
    12. 12. Social media and engagement• Internal – Bridge the communication gap for global organisations – Communication sharing portal (purely internal network – like Yammer) – Reconnect with old employees – alumni – Improve communication from top down and bottom up
    13. 13. Social media and engagement• External – Traffic source to ATS or website – Comments and reviews from potential candidates – RSS subscriptions – Job applications and expressions of interest
    14. 14. Conclusions and implications for brands• Embrace the trend, ride the fads• Aim to participate, not dominate• Can only take the relationship so far – more is needed for conversion
    15. 15. Social Media: Tips for Marketing to the iGeneration
    16. 16. What is social media?
    17. 17. Tip #1: Listen to the iGeneration
    18. 18. How can you listen?3 free tools to listen to the iGeneration online:Google Alerts - sign up to real-time alerts using keywords related to your brand,product, senior staff or competitorsTechnorati – specifically searches blog postsTwitter Search – keyword search for all public Twitter postsAnd 1 paid for tool:Radian6- Monitors all social media platforms such as blogs, Twitter, comments on mainstream news sites and forums- Real time and historical (last 30 days) data searches
    19. 19. Southwest Airlines: Real-time social media monitoring & issues management
    20. 20. Tip #2: Develop a social media strategy Develop a strategy.
    21. 21. Develop a strategy. What to consider when setting up a social strategy? • Who is your target audience: who do you want to reach? Which platforms are they already using? How are they using them? • What is your social media objective? Does this align with your wider business objectives? Applications? Brand awareness? Employee feedback? • What makes your company different? What is your brand story? • What are the measurements of success? Size of community? Level of engagement? Number of sales leads?
    22. 22. Boost Juice:Starting social media activity without a plan or exit strategy
    23. 23. Reckitt Benckiser:Using a Facebook Game to recruit graduates
    24. 24. Tip #3: Don’t Be boring, instead try to engage your audience
    25. 25. Ernst & Young:Creating a conversation between graduates & candidates
    26. 26. Old Spice:Using multimedia to reach the iGeneration
    27. 27. Thank yo uLiz Weeks, General Manager, The Face Euro RSCG Hannah Law, Head of Social Media, Switched On MediaE: E: The Faces commentary on the employer Follow Hannah’s stream of consciousness onMarketing space on Twitter @TheFaceAUS Twitter @hannahlaw.