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The Art of Networking in Today's Business Environment


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I was asked to give this presentation to a group of professionals taking part in a leadership course sponsored by the local chamber of commerce. Most of them were not using social media for professional purposes.

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The Art of Networking in Today's Business Environment

  1. 1. How Networking Works Go to a networking event or conference (and probably pay for it) Introduction via mutual acquaintance Cold-calling
  2. 2. Traditional Networking Benefits: Meeting people Supported by traditional organizations Challenges: Can be hard for introverts Hard to know if your efforts are on target Can feel forced
  3. 3. Linked In Basics Profile Groups Companies Search Power of Connections Recommendations & Expertise
  4. 4. Twitter Great for event-based networking Hashtags Check-ins Search by location Search by profile information Search all of Twitter for content
  5. 5. FacebookGreat if you’re already on itGroups and eventsLikely to merge personal and professional lives Pros and cons Privacy settings