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Solo Social: What To Do When You're On Your Own


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Kristin Ferguson and I are proposing this topic as a core conversation at South By Southwest Interactive 2014. Please check back August 19 - September 6 to view our entire proposal and vote for it in the South by Southwest Panel Picker:

Session Description:

Do you ever wish there was a support group for people like you who are solely in charge of an organization’s social media program? Whether you are a social media professional who has been hired by a company to start their program, or a communications professional who has been tasked with “doing social media,” you need someone to talk to. In this session we’ll have some practical conversation about what it means to be solo in social media.

Solo social media professionals are tasked with everything from strategy to day-to-day community management. You’re in charge of writing content, the new internal social network, the external brand, and heaven help you if you haven’t figured out your organization’s strategy for Vine or Instagram video yet. Let’s come together and share our stories about how we make it all work. In the end we might even figure out how and when to say “solo is not enough anymore. I need help.”

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Solo Social: What To Do When You're On Your Own

  1. 1. A South by Southwest Core Conversation proposal submitted by Liz Gross & Kristin Ferguson