Social Media + Email Marketing


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Social Media needs email, and email needs social media. Learn how the two channels work together to elevate your online marketing campaigns.

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  • Again, email
  • Again, email
  • Different messages: social is often less sales focused, while subscribers have a tolerance for sales-y emailsEmail can be long and formatted with html and images, which provides opportunities and challenges of its own. Twitter for example can be used for customer service and branding, where the email campaign might be more focused on products and sales. Ultimately you’re driving to sell your products and services.Some people hate email, some people “don’t get” twitter, or don’t like brands on Facebook. In the end you have to accommodate for the fact that not all of your addressable audience is on all three.
  • Use email to promote social networks (like on top)
  • Daily recipe could be useful/appreciated
  • Social Media + Email Marketing

    1. 1. Social Media + Email Marketing
    2. 2. Why Do Marketers use Social Media? • Educate • Promote Brand • Sell • Generate and nurture leads • Engage • Customer Service • Competitive Intelligence • Public Relations • Network • Email List Growth • Monitor Brand
    3. 3. Why Do Marketers use Email Marketing? • Educate • Promote Brand • Sell • Generate and nurture leads • Engage • • • • Customer Service Competitive Intelligence Public Relations Email List Growth
    4. 4. Email Marketing Campaigns Benefits of Email Marketing – Cheap – Measurable ROI – Direct Marketing, customizable, 1:1 conversation – Dynamic - relatively easy to change, create, and quick to customer 4
    5. 5. Email Marketing Campaigns Challenges of Email Marketing • Cheap - Everyone can afford to do it, which set up unique challenges for differentiation • Hard to find experienced talent – although this is getting to be less of a challenge as email has become a more mainstream medium. • Executive buy in – overcome stigma of “SPAM” • Attribution – credit can go to other channels 5
    6. 6. Types of Email Marketing Messages Promotional 6
    7. 7. Types of Email Marketing Messages CRM • Product suggestions • Customer Satisfaction Surveys • Event Reminder 7
    8. 8. Email Marketing Campaigns Newsletters 8
    9. 9. Email Marketing Campaigns Transactional • Purchase Confirmation • Opt-in Confirmation • Password Retrieval 9
    10. 10. Components of an Email Program • Target Audience • Creative • Lifecycle Management • Deployment 10
    11. 11. Considerations • Message & Voice • Value of email to the recipient – Custom Centric medium • How does the Email Program fit into overall marketing plan and with other channels? • Competitive Intelligence - How are your competitors using email to reach their marketing goals? • Resources • Marketing Objectives 11
    12. 12. Email is the Original Social Media • A way to broadcast a message to the masses • In its purest form, a two way communication medium • More flexibility with content than other channels • Ability to use data to segment and target content
    13. 13. Email and Social have a Symbiotic Relationship • Email can be used to grow social media following • Social Media can be used to grow email list • Email can be used to announce an event, contest or interaction happening on social media • Social media can be used to amplify the message of an email marketing campaign
    14. 14. Email and Social Channels are different • Different messages • Different formats • Different objectives (albeit generally the same goal) • Different subscribers.
    15. 15. Social Relies on Email….
    16. 16. Notifications of Activity as a Driver of Engagement on Social
    17. 17. Encourage „following‟ on social networks
    18. 18. Email Relies on Social too…
    19. 19. Use social networks to grow lists
    20. 20. Drive Traffic to specific content on Social Networks
    21. 21. Social & Email work together to promote content
    22. 22. March Mania: Email
    23. 23. March Mania: Facebook
    24. 24. March Mania: Facebook
    25. 25. March Mania –Twitter
    26. 26. How to Make Social and Email Work Together • Integrated strategy • Email and Social Media Manager sit next to each other • Invest in both, and be aware of the strengths and roles of each • Reuse creative assets when possible • Measure response separately and together to account for attribution and bullhorn effect.