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  1. 1. Source • Optimize • Execute Business Process Solutions for Print and Promotion
  2. 2. Who is InnerWorkings? Experts at sourcing and managing print. InnerWorkings provides a managed service solution inclusive of sourcing, management and infrastructure to drive sustainable quality, savings and efficiency. Publicly Traded on the NASDAQ, INWK Chicago Headquartered, with 35 US & 4 Int’l offices $460MM in forecasted 2008 sourcing revenues 573 US employees plus 165 in Asia & the UK 4,000+ clients (including 50 of the Fortune 500) InnerWorkings has been described as ‘the ADP of Print Management’ 2
  3. 3. Value Proposition Across the Print Supply Chain INWK Clients – 4,000+ INWK Supplier Network > 6,000 Fulfillment Design / Commercial Finishing Pre-press Printer Binding • • INWK buys print and promo Fills excess capacity and Improves asset utilization better than anyone – usually 35%- • 45% lower Reduces SG&A -serving as a virtual sales force for • Reduce print costs by 10-25% our supplier network • Guaranteed savings, quality, service • Access to a broader and delivery customer base • Dedicated support with domain • Not a reverse auction expertise format 3
  4. 4. InnerWorkings’ End-to-End Solution Delivering sustainable cost reductions & on-going execution Sourcing Management Infrastructure Tools 6,500+ Supplier Network Experienced People - PPM4 Technology Informational Advantage End-to-End Program Mgmt - Inventory Management Quality KPI’s PMI Certified Production Mgrs - “e”Stores - Digital Asset Management Seamless Systems Integration Expert Negotiators Streamlined Processes Demand Planning Ink-On-Any-Substrate Supply Chain Coordination Obsolescence Avoidance Supplier Agnostic Approach Multi-level Reporting On-going Improvement Inclusion of Incumbents Brand Continuity and Control Open-book transparency 4
  5. 5. INWK has the highest % of market capitalization growth in the entire industry – the only one that’s positive! Ironically, INWK is the only company on the listing without any print assets. We see this as a market validation of our business model and value proposition. Source: Printing Impressions magazine – May 2008 issue 5
  6. 6. PPM4 PPM4 has become the most efficient system in the marketplace for quoting, buying, managing and tracking print production Procurement & Workflow tool - Identifies • Database - The largest excess capacity in our supplier network, independent repository of provides ultimate equipment profiles and price data transparency to track for print suppliers in the U.S. tasks, up-to-the-minute status 6
  7. 7. PPM4: Proprietary Procurement and Management Technology 1 Customized Optimal 2 Order Entry Supplier Identification 6 3 Customized Pricing Database Reporting Audit and Real-Time 4 5 Compliance / Cost Competitive Management Bid Process One of the largest independent repositories of equipment profiles and price data of print suppliers 7
  8. 8. PPM4 PPM4’s functionality orchestrates: • Dynamic end-to-end procurement • Production and management processes • Printer selection • Scheduling and workflow • Order management • Reporting • Fulfillment tracking and logistics management • Billing/Invoicing Maintains full data integrity as a job transitions from quote to print order to invoice 8
  9. 9. Savings & Efficiencies Opportunities • Direct Print Cost Savings (contractually guaranteed) » 10-25% savings over historical/baseline cost • Reduction of Cost Burden of Direct Labor » Dedicated PPM - one FTE for every $2.5 million in print spend » Funded by INWK share of cost savings • Indirect Cost Savings » Additional 10%-15% savings » Invoice & change reconciliation » Invoice consolidation (monthly summary invoice) » Mitigation of Reprints » Elimination of Duplicate and Overstated Billing by Suppliers » Additional Efficiencies 9
  10. 10. Engagement Process Process Economic Audit Discovery Execute a Discovery Execute Read-out Phase Letter of Phase Execute Implementation Contract “Mapping” Engagement “Audit” (Fit / No Fit) an NDA Client provides Client collaborates IW with with IW to map sampling of current processes historical and tools invoice data 10
  11. 11. Audit Process Overview Goal of the Audit: To measure the economic savings potential by comparing your recent cost data to InnerWorkings cost. What is required for the Audit? Data from 2 – 3 categories of print, from a relevant period of time - 1 month to 6 months. The most desirable format is to obtain hard copy invoices that include specification details and the related costs. If specifications for a given project are not available, an actual sample of the printed piece will suffice. Please note that we do not need to know the specific incumbent supplier’s name. Annual Reports Banners/Posters Bags Binders (loose leaf) Bindery/Finishing Booklets Books Boxes/Packaging Brochures/Flyers Business Cards Calendars Catalogs/Manuals CD’s/DVD’s Checks/Securities Coupons Data Processing Decals Design Services Direct Mail Packages Envelopes eStore fronts Folders Forms Fulfillment FSI Games Greeting Cards Inserts Labels Lenticular Letterhead/ Magnets Maps Pads Plastic Cards POD/Digital POP/POS Displays Post Cards PrePress/PreMedia Promotional Products Retail Book Sales Statements Signage Tickets/Raffle Books Warehousing/Logistics 11
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  13. 13. Supplier Portal 13
  14. 14. Supplier Portal 14
  15. 15. Supplier Portal 15
  16. 16. PPM4 Navigation 16
  17. 17. Supplier Module 17
  18. 18. Supplier Module 18
  19. 19. Supplier Module 19
  20. 20. Supplier Module 20
  21. 21. Supplier Module – Compliance & Certification 21
  22. 22. Quote Module 22
  23. 23. Quote Module 23
  24. 24. Quote Module 24