It's All About The Relationship


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Wondering if you should be using social media to promote your small business? Maybe you’re already using social media but wonder if it’s worth the time suck. Are your marketing channels reaching the right audience? Are you seeing the results from your social media campaigns? These are questions many small business owners are asking themselves as they weigh the pros and cons of social media marketing.

In this presentation we’ll explore how engagement marketing is turning traditional marketing on its end. You will learn what channels can be appropriate for your business and how to develop a social media plan that helps keep you on track. You’ll also learn how to avoid common social media mistakes.

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It's All About The Relationship

  1. 1. Social Media TipsFor Coaches“It’s All AboutTheRelationship”
  2. 2. About the workshop Traditional vs relationship marketing Pros and cons of using Social Media Comparison of top platforms Common social media mistakes Diving deeper into Facebook & LinkedIn Integrating email marketing with SM Tips and resources to get you started 1 ½ hours, time for questions after No need to take notes. Slides will be provided.
  3. 3. You’ll Receive a SPECIAL OFFER
  4. 4. Liz Provo& Mass Marketing Resources Self employed since 2001- ownerof Mass Marketing Resources Background in sales, marketing &customer service Early adopter of blogging, socialmedia and email marketing Authorized Local Expert &Accredited Solution Provider forConstant Contact Marketing consultant, coach andtrainer/educator @massmarketing (Twitter) Hashtag - #SMAgBiz
  5. 5. Where do your BEST customerscome from??
  6. 6. Referral
  7. 7. Referral . . .Word of Mouth Marketing
  8. 8. Word of mouth marketing isvery SOCIAL!
  9. 9. Social Media Has Changed The WayBusinesses Market ThemselvesFriends trust friends.Friends buy based uponfriend’s opinions.Website reviews (Yelp,Google, TripAdvisor, etc.Social media mentions,interactions, photos
  10. 10. For exampleTraditional Message Five Guys Burgers: We havethe best burgers in town! Atty. Paolini: Be representedby me at your next real estateclosing. Liz Provo: I’m the bestmarketing coach in WesternMass!Social Media Message Foursquare: “Five Guys Burgerson Riverdale is awesome. Trythe garlic fries! Yelp: Mike Paolini is a hardworking and experienced realestate attorney. I highlyrecommend him. LinkedIn: Ive attended morethan one workshop/seminarthat Liz has run. In each oneshe had an informativeconversation with all of theparticipants and kept everyoneinvolved. (A.J. Crane, CraneConstruction)
  11. 11. Consider . . .
  12. 12. Traditional vs.Social?
  13. 13. The Buying Cycle It takes approx. 6 “touches” to convert Some will buy immediately Some will buy at some point Some will never buyKeep your name “top of the mind”
  14. 14. Traditional Marketing Transactional - all about makingthe sale. Based on the 4 P’s:Price, Product, Placement &Promotion Forced on consumer: Printads, Radio/TV, direct mail, tradeshows, billboards Direct selling/tangible
  15. 15. The Traditional Sales Funnel Biggest effort on findingcustomers Convert (making the sale) Smallest effort spent onkeeping the customerSource: Social MediaQuickstarter – Constant Contact
  16. 16. Social MarketingToday’s marketing isabout buildingrelationships withcustomers and peers.Relies on the InternetConsumer driven
  17. 17. “Flipping the Funnel” –Joseph Jaffe ( Smallest effort spent findingcustomers More effort on converting Most effort on KEEPING. It’swhat comes after the salethat counts Social media (& emailmarketing) keeps themcoming back – it’s therelationship that counts!Source: Social MediaQuickstarter – Constant Contact
  18. 18. Are You Ready For Social Media? Do you have a website? Is your marketing plan in place? Have you allocated sufficient timefor upkeep and maintenance? Do you have the technicalknowledge to create and useyour chosen platforms?
  19. 19. Social Media: The Pros & Cons Increases exposure Builds brand loyalty Increases traffic towebsite/blog Improves SEO (searchengine optimization) Measurable results Free (DIY) or low cost Takes a lot of time tomaintain well Takes time to buildrelationships & loyalty Can’t always control it easilyas it’s a 2 way relationship You don’t own the platform Free doesn’t mean it doesn’tcost anythingPROS CONS
  20. 20. Which Platforms?Understand yourdemographicsGo where yourcustomers/clientsare
  21. 21. The Big Players Facebook 163-mill. Users in US (people “like” yourbusiness, wide demographic) LinkedIn 77-mill. Users in US (very professional,decision makers, higher income, male/femaleequal). Individual and company page. YouTube 800 mill. Videos watched per month, (2ndbiggest search engine, very wide demographic)Owned by Google Twitter 175 mill. Tweets/day in 2012, (can followanyone) Google+: Author rank may be vital key to SEOOwned by Google. Individual and companypages Pinterest, Houzz, Foursquare, Tumblr, Instagram
  22. 22. Common Social MediaMistakes Jumping in without a plan Choosing too many platforms Choosing the wrong platforms Starting out well, then abandoning Setting up accounts incorrectly Not understanding therules, especially Facebook Using incorrect lingo (hashtags onFacebook, etc.) Not understanding the importanceof relationship building – promotionvs. conversation Not being yourself
  23. 23. Facebook Don’t use a personal page for yourbusiness. Lock down personal page if desired Complete the About Us sections &include website Use tabs – integrate w/ mailing listsignup, etc.
  24. 24.  Calls to action now allowed – “like us”, “buy this”, “Download FREEsomething” Text must be no more than 20% of cover photo Cover photo dimensions: 851 x 315, leave space for profile pic in lower left Profile pic now 160 x 160Facebook Design – New Rules
  25. 25. The Laws of Attraction Know your audience! Provide quality content Learn what days & times get highestrates of interaction for your industry Pre schedule some posts (save time) Maximize image impact byrepositioning Put important content first – shorterposts get more engagement
  26. 26. Increase Engagement post + video = 100% moreengagement post + picture = 120% moreengagement post + photo album = 180% moreengagementSource: Facebook, “Best Practices for your Pageand media strategy” (March 2012)
  27. 27. Interact, be the expert As a person, “Like” businesses (check“get notifications” & “show innewsfeed” As a business, “Like” other businesses Like, comment and share other Look for quality 3rd party content toshare Reply to comments – NEW!Must be timely for EdgeRankpoints! (Facebook’s grader)
  28. 28. Facebook No No’s Skip the salesy pitch Don’t “like” your own comments Don’t depend on automation (Hootsuite,etc.) –Edgerank is lower Don’t focus on “likes” Never BUY fans Don’t post the same message everywhere Don’t ignore comments Don’t over-share (no more than 2X day)
  29. 29. LinkedIn Complete profile using effectivekeywords – great SEO Add a picture – no shadysilhouettes Join groups that align with yourvalues & interests Tweak profile every so often Post a status once in a while
  30. 30. Grow Connections Invite by email Search “people” Scan “people you may know” frequently Don’t send invitations to connect fromthe “people you may know” area. Click on profile first, then invite. Changethe default text. Tag connections Message 1 contact or a category Take it offline, too!
  31. 31. Putting The Social Media Wheel In Motion Your website is theHUB. You own it. Social mediaplatforms are theSPOKES. You RENTthem. Push content to andfrom what you OWN Email marketing isthe GLUEWebsiteFacebookYouTubeLinkedInTwitterPinterestEmailMarketingBlog
  32. 32. It’s All About The RelationshipBuilding Trust, Connections,
  33. 33. What three things did you just learn?
  34. 34. More Resources Sign up for my newsletter for monthlymarketing tips, free stuff and tech tips Subscribe to my YouTube channel andwatch tutorials Follow me on Facebook, Twitter andPinterest Connect with me on LinkedIn Slides available on Slideshare shortlyMass Marketing Resources
  35. 35. Your SPECIAL OFFER
  36. 36. Thank you.Comments? Questions? Thoughts?