Harnessing The Power of LinkedIn


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Liz Provo of Mass Marketing Resources leads the social media workshop, "Harnessing The Power of LinkedIn" and provides attendees valuable information on how to set up a LinkedIn Account and create a robust individual profile and company page.

Liz teaches the class about the value of professional connections using the connection map: locating, organizing and tagging connections in order to build and grow networks.

Workshop attendees also learn how to join groups that align with their business objectives, as a place to learn, share and discuss new ideas and grow connections.

Mass Marketing Resources online - http://www.massmarketingresources.com


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Harnessing The Power of LinkedIn

  1. 1. LinkedIn For Small Business Presented by: Liz Provo Mass Marketing Resources www.massmarketingresources.com
  2. 2. Why LinkedIn?• Largest professional network online, 80 Million users• $107,000 - Average household income• Over 50% senior management(Source: Hubspot)If you’re NOT on LinkedIn, you’remissing a huge opportunity togrow your business.
  3. 3. My Shameless Plug• Background in sales/marketing/customer service• 11 year business owner• Brought for-sale-by-owner real estate marketing to Western Mass (www.MA4salebyowner.com)• Early adopter of blogging, email marketing & social media• Provider of marketing services for small businesses (www.MassMarketingResources.com)• Member of HBRAWM since 2001
  4. 4. Getting Started With LinkedIn Step 1: Create your professional profile & Add your company Step 2: Make Connections Step 3: Join Groups Step 4: Get Active: Share, Discuss & Market Your Business
  5. 5. Step 1: Create YourProfessional ProfileWrite your summary, education, jobhistory, expertise, activities, projects, skills
  6. 6. Create A Stand-out Profile www.linkedin.com1. Follow instructions to set up account 1. Choose a secure password2. Get to know the dashboard3. Settings (located under your name) 1. Privacy control (who can see what) 2. Top navigation (Profile, Groups, etc.
  7. 7. Profile Overview – public view
  8. 8. Upload Your Profile Image You can add or change your profile photo from the Account section on your Settings page: Click Browse to find the photo you wish to publish. Click Upload Photo.  You can upload JPG, GIF or PNG files.  File size - 4MB maximum.  Pixel size: 80 x 80 minimum and 500 x 500 maximum. Select who you want the photo to be visible to. Click Save Settings
  9. 9. Create a “Headline” Can be title & company - good Can be description of “what you do” - better Include keywords - best 120 characters, so play with it till it’s great
  10. 10. List Your Positions  List your current position  List 2 past positions  Include brief descriptions  Descriptions should include good keywords  Proof-read!!!!
  11. 11. Provide a Summary Who are you? What makes you tick? What are your best attributes? How do you help others? Write in the 1st person. Don’t make it too long. Some bulleted points OK. Proofread!!!
  12. 12. Add Skills & Expertise• Each are keywords• Start to type to show categories• Think “keywords”
  13. 13. Add Volunteer Experience &Causes  Include your role  Include dates  Add a description – keywords, keywords  Proofread!!!
  14. 14. Add Organizations List each organization you belong to (HBRAWM, chamber, etc.) Add a title/role Add years of service
  15. 15. Expand Your Profile-Overview Add your websites (up to 3) Name them for added SEO Add your Twitter account Add your Interests – keywords Honors and awards Add projects (Extreme Home Makeover, etc.) List others who worked with you. Add applications (Slideshare, etc.) Add education (this pulls in more potential contacts) Add groups & associations (NAHB, Volunteer in Western Mass)
  16. 16. Add Your Company Click “Companies” Click the “Add a Company” Enter your companys official name Add your work email address (Continue) Enter your company information Add products, services, etc. – don’t forget IMAGES Have key employees, partners, etc. connect too!NOTE: If the work email address you provide is an unconfirmed email address onyour LinkedIn account, a message will be sent to that address. Follow theinstructions in the message to confirm your email address and then use theinstructions above to add the Company Page.
  17. 17. Step 2: Make ConnectionsBuild Your Network
  18. 18. We’re ALL Connected! http://www.inmapslinkedinlabs.com
  19. 19. Import Email Contacts Click on the Contacts tab in the top navigation Click on “Add Connections” Click on “Import” Follow instructions or have someone walk you through it
  20. 20. Find People You Know on LinkedIn Click on “Add Connections” Click on “People” Type “Liz Provo” Send me an invitation! Click on “People You May Know” Level of contact (1st, 2nd, etc.)
  21. 21. Browse for connections - do this periodically
  22. 22. Why LinkedIn Thinks We MayKnow Someone Go to Inbox – look for Red Notification Alerts Click on “Invitations” Click on person’s name to open profile Look in the right column to see the level of connection Decide whether to send or accept an invitationNote: Accept invitations only from people you know forthe best results.
  23. 23. Tag/Categorize Connections
  24. 24. Step 3: Join GroupsGet involved with your industry & common interests
  25. 25. Join a group Industry Groups: NAHB Local Groups: Linked Western Mass Search groups: Start with “construction”  Follow discussions – set notifications for updates Search sub-categories: materials, sustainable, arch  Comment on discussions itecture, etc.  Start a discussion Alumni groups
  26. 26. Step 4: Get Active -Share, Discuss & Market YourBusinessInfluencing, collaborating, promoting, sharing, learning
  27. 27. Interact Publish a status frequently (it gets picked up by email notifications) Include a link to your website (guide readers to more info) Share 3rd party relevant content (NAHB article, etc.) Set up notifications so you’ll know when someone has messaged you.
  28. 28. Write & Ask ForRecommendations You can recommend ME! Recommend a few HBRAWM members Recommend auxilliary professionals (mortgage reps, suppliers, builder/designer, etc .) Ask for recommendations from THANKS FOR EVERYTHING! happy customers Spell check!
  29. 29. Add Your LinkedIn Button On your website On your business card On your email signature On your Facebook info. On your brochure On your quotes & proposals
  30. 30. In Closing Step 1: Create your professional profile & Add your company Step 2: Make Connections Step 3: Join Groups Step 4: Get Active: Share, Discuss & Market Your Business