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Cloud computing


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Cloud computing

  1. 1. What is Cloud Computing?   Cloud Computing is the process in which a server sends information to many computers allowing people to access files all over the world. It also archives information which is helpful if computers need formatting or they catch viruses. Cloud computing is used by businesses and by the general public on a daily basis.
  2. 2. Cloud Computing Google - How does the Google search work?  • With over 17 data centers in the USA alone, there are over 36 worldwide.    • Google search software provides simultaneous calculations, taking only  half a second to search the entire web with your typed in query through  over 200 signals.         • This information is then conducted to hypertext. • This then finds the most relevant and  reliable sources to your topic       • All this taking only seconds  Hypertext: ``Machine  readable text, so that  related information can  be connected.'' 
  3. 3. Cloud Computing Google docs and Google  Dashboard Google Docs: • Online storage for presentations and word documents.  • Accessible from anywhere with internet connection and web browser • No need to worry about drive failures, it is auto-save!  • Allows you to share and collaborate in real time with others who you choose to  edit your work online. Great for group projects.  • Everything is saved online!  Google Dashboard: • Set up to give users quicker access and more control over their  personal data online.  • Lists sent mail/chat history/search history/docs/youtube etc. Allowing  you to easily manage your data with related Google products and  accounts
  4. 4. Cloud Computing Social Networking • Social networking focuses on the building of people's relations and the reflecting of them. • Networking sites are an online platform, part of the forefront for web 2.0 • Numerous social networking sites use a programme called Cassandra to store all data information in large amounts along with Backupify. • Your information on these applications are accessible worldwide with internet connection. Facebook Twitter Myspace Bebo Friendster Orkut
  5. 5. Cloud Computing Facebook • Facebook has approximately 250,000 new registers per day • The programme relies on around 200 Memcached servers for temporarily storing data for day to day use. • In 2007 Facebook signed an agreement for 10,000 square feet of storage space in Ashburn Storage Center in Virginia. Variety of tools and programming used that are good for security, speed and reliability, storing data and memory system. LINUX/MYSQL/PHP/MEMCACH Facebook has over 350M users
  6. 6. Cloud Computing File Sharing - peer-to-peer Why? - e-mail has size limitations on attachments - safe storage files sent to online storage files waiting in 'cloud' for recipient to go online and retrieve them Business software Personal software
  7. 7. Cloud Computing File sharing - downloads -Thousands of individual users - Voluntarily install software - Files sent in smaller pieces Controversy! -Copyright -Money
  8. 8. Cloud Computing Business Use Already existing business can introduce an online shopping to their customers through cloud computing! Advantages of this are; - Wider range of products than instore - Internet acts as advertisement for businesses - Deliveries can then also be attached to online businesses Example - Argos: - Every Argos product is available online - Buy from website or reserve item at nearest store - If you want to pick up in store, and the store nearest to you doesn’t feature your product, they will direct you to the next nearest store that does have your product
  9. 9. Cloud Computing eBay - controls more than 80% of online auction market - already uses a grid-computing system (inspiration behind cloud computing?) - July 2010 - eBay becomes one of the first customers of Microsoft's cloud platform :
  10. 10. Cloud Computing Personal Use Photographs/images can be kept online in a large data centre! Advantages of this are; - less likely to lose the image -> backed up in multiple locations accessible through the web - there are unlimited storage resources - can see your image and obtain it through any internet connection Example - Facebook: - Simple upload - Organize such images into ‘Photo Albums’ - 200 images can be stored in one photo album
  11. 11. Disadvantages of Cloud Computing •Reliant on Internet - nobody’s internet is perfect. When it fails, your cloud doesn’t work. •Hacking – the security of clouds isn’t strong, and if someone hacks into it, you could lose everything. •The Price – with businesses using it a lot, some smaller businesses will not be able to afford the service which could add stress to the employees.
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