The Truth About branding


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Liz Mercogliano tells a story about branding from the inside and why the consumer is the only one who gets branding.

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The Truth About branding

  1. 1. The Truth About Branding A Liz Mercogliano Presentation
  2. 2. The Truth About Branding Branding today is the most over-used yet mis-understood word.
  3. 3. The Truth About Branding SO LETS SET THE STORY STRAIGHT
  4. 4. Who gets Branding?
  5. 5. The Consumer
  6. 6. The Truth About Branding The Consumer gets Branding simply because they buy into it.
  7. 7. The Truth About Branding Consumers are loyal to brands because: • they enjoy the customer experience • they trust the brand and what it stands for • they can engage with the brand on all levels and know they will have the same consistent conversation. • they buy into the lifestyle and associations the brand offers
  8. 8. More importantly, they believe in the brand from an emotional level
  9. 9. The consumer is making their own choice through instinct, and because it feels right. Not because we tell them it’s right.
  10. 10. The Truth About Branding The Hard Sell is dead
  11. 11. Today the world is BUSY and over-communicated.
  12. 12. The Truth About Branding We as consumers see over 5000 advertising messages per day
  13. 13. So how do you standout?
  14. 14. The Truth About Branding Brand First. Product Second
  15. 15. The Truth About Branding Brand unites and focuses your product with your customer.
  16. 16. The Truth About Branding Engagement + Trust = $$$
  17. 17. Brand requires long term commitment. Yet provides long term customer and staff loyalty.
  18. 18. It’s not a quick fix. And it’s not a reaction. It’s a considered approach.
  19. 19. Understand the love of brand. Branding is Engagement At Every Level. It’s the Experience, the Feeling and The Gut Instinct we get when we come into contact with a brand -
  20. 20. This is not a new concept Some brands have been telling this story with their audience for years.
  21. 21. The Truth About Branding These brands can launch a new product and know their customers will love it.
  22. 22. These brands are leaders in their category, loyal to their customers.
  23. 23. We the communicators are losing control over the conversation with the consumer. We are no longer in control of what is said and how quickly the message is distributed.
  24. 24. What Needs to Change?
  25. 25. The Truth About Branding Our understanding of what Brand represents in todays world
  26. 26. It’s time to listen
  27. 27. 1. Build your brand from your business • Align your business objectives with your brand strategy • Don’t make brand decisions in isolation. It is not a marketing activity • Incorporate branding in every engagement decision
  28. 28. 2. Use your brand to facilitate converstaions • Encourage two way dialogue with your brand and your customers • Build a tribe within your marketplace • Inspire a company culture which is a community not a hierarchy.
  29. 29. 3. Build your brand from the inside out Healthy brands must feel good on the inside to look good on the outside
  30. 30. The Truth About Branding BRANDING FROM THE INSIDE OUT EMpLOYEES CUSTOMERS BRAND REALISATION pR CO NS AW IT LO Ef NG IT ID AR NG vI G YA ER ER EN RI IEIT IN LT EN A EL Iv Y CE AT ES HE B L IO N S RESULTS Organic Growth Competitive Advantage Engaged and Aligned Team Satisfied and Loyal Customers/Candidates
  31. 31. The Truth About Branding Happy Staff = Happy Customers
  32. 32. The Truth About Branding So what makes up a brand?
  33. 33. 1. The foundation • Vision and values • Personality • Essence and story • Architecture
  34. 34. The Truth About Branding 2. The Environment • USP • Differientation • Positioning • Community • Perception
  35. 35. The Truth About Branding 3. The Experience • Messaging • Spirit • Association • Tone and Language • Engagement and dialogue v
  36. 36. The Truth About Branding And always remember...
  37. 37. The Truth About Branding Its all about brand.
  38. 38. The end. The Truth About Branding By Liz Mercogliano +61 417 557 212 Melbourne, Australia