Media in the online age revision task


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Media in the online age revision task

  1. 1. Media in the Online AgeRevision Task
  2. 2. Task OverviewYou are going to create a Ppt. that works through allfour exam areas for this topic for two media areas.Why?...
  3. 3. OCR Specification:Section B: Contemporary Media Issues - Media in the Online AgeCandidates must prepare and use specific case studies, texts, debates andresearch of the topic to demonstrate understanding of the contemporaryissue. This understanding must combine knowledge of at least two mediaand a range of texts, industries, audiences and debates.The topic is accompanied by four prompt questions, and candidates must beprepared to answer an exam question that relates to one or more of thesefour prompts:• How have online media developed?• What has been the impact of the Internet on media production?• How is consumer behaviour and audience response transformedby online media, in relation to the past?• To what extent has convergence transformed the media?
  4. 4. OCR Specification continued:There should be emphasis on the historical, the contemporary and the future inrelation to the chosen topic, with most attention on the present:• Historical – dependent on the requirements of the topic, candidates mustsummarise the development of the media forms in question in theoreticalcontexts.• Contemporary – current issues within the topic area.• Future – candidates must demonstrate personal engagement with debates aboutthe future of the media forms / issues that the topic relates to.Candidates might explore combinations of any two media, considering howeach (or the two in converged forms) can be analysed from the aboveprompts.Examples might be music downloading and distribution, the film industryand the internet, online television, online gaming, online news provision,various forms of online media production by the public or a range of otheronline media forms.
  5. 5. 1. Set up a Ppt.• Might be a good idea to work on a Google Docpresentation doc so you can access from anycomputer.• You may prefer to work on Word or otherprogramme – fine, whatever is going to be mostuseful to you.
  6. 6. 2. Choose 2 media areas• Look back through your journal for written work andexamples that you can use in the Ppt. Don’t forgetyour Xtranormal videos.
  7. 7. 3. Work through 4 prompts• Work through the four exam prompts ensuring you coverboth media areas in detail.• Give detailed examples to support your points.• Ensure you make links to theory throughout.• Include images and other media to illustrate your points.