Evaluation task 3


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Evaluation task 3

  1. 1. Evaluation task 3 “What kind of media institutionmight distribute your media product and why? Laura Bennett
  2. 2. What is distribution?• Distribution for films is when a team is given a film and they have to bring the film to the market place and find out the appropriate audience. They are in charge of selling the film and marketing the film to the general public. Distributers would be in charge of the trailers for the film and other advertising e.g. posters and billboards, also where to advertise for example advertising a new animation film in the trailers for another children’s or animation film.
  3. 3. Examples of distribution companies.• There are two types of distribution.• Major studio distribution and independent distribution.• Examples of major studio distributers Warner Bros. Pictures Paramount 20th Century Fox• Examples of independent distributers BBC Films Summit Warp Films Entertainment
  4. 4. Compare your media product to films distribution companies have previously released – Are any of them likely to be interested in your film?• Our film is a thriller and when doing our research we looked up films like Taken and The Sixth Sense because they were thriller films and closest to our idea. Taken was distributed by 20th Century Fox, so we thought maybe 20th Century Fox would maybe be interested in our product because all our research was done on Taken and The Sixth Sense so it would be their type of film that they market and distribute to the general public. The Sixth Sense was distributed by Hollywood Pictures a less known distributer, which would perhaps give our film more of a chance of being distributed as the company is not under pressure or demand. Also our film was also partly inspired by the paranormal element of The Sixth Sense and we took a few elements from the film and incorperated it in to the opening sequence. So I believe we could have a chance of getting our film distributed by Hollywood Pictures.
  5. 5. Is your film going to appeal to UK audiences only? Or does it have a wider appeal? Why? Why not?• I believe our film would appeal to the UK audiences, but also it would appeal to wider ranges for example Americans, because of the type of film this is it has been done by Americans before therefore it’s nothing new to them and films like this have done well in the box office before, so there should be nothing stopping us from taking this film across to America because I believe Americans would enjoy this type of film. Mainland Europe is an area I would be a bit skeptical about as films like this aren’t known to be successful, so I would think about taking this to Europe deeply rather than America.
  6. 6. Marketing strategies• To market my film I would try to get my trailer in films alike my own, for example, horror or thriller genres because then that assures me that people will be interested in my film and the right target audience will be watching the trailer as I wouldn’t want younger children watching it because it might be a bit disturbing for them to watch. I would want the posters displayed in town centres and places that are looked at often. I think if I wanted to advertise my film on posters, I would think about advertising it on a massive billboard and try to make it nationwide so as many people see it as they can. Self-distribution: Self distribution is when you distribute your product yourself instead of getting a company to do it for you. Obviously this would be a lot cheaper as you wouldn’t have to pay out for other people to do the job for you, you would be doing this yourself. I don’t think this would be the best possible thing for our media product.
  7. 7. • Online marketing• Self-distribution – mention in strategies• Talk about whether the posters would go nationwide or just cities