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Steve Job talks at Stanford University

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Marcos lizett ted_steve_jobs

  1. 1. TED TalksSteve Jobs: How to live before you die Lizett Marcos PSP August 2012
  2. 2. Steve Jobs• Stanford University commencement speech• CEO and co-founder of Apple and Pixar
  3. 3. Thesis His main idea for thecommencement speech is to tell the graduates to find what they love to do and do it. Trust their instincts
  4. 4. He captured the audience by saying howhonored he was to give the speech even when he hadn’t graduated from college. He used sarcasm and he was humble.
  5. 5. He maintained his audience interested because he talked about some personal lifestories that affected him greatly. He revealed himself to the audience.
  6. 6. TED Commandments• He talked about himself which is one of the TED Commandments. He told personal stories to captivate the audience.• He was also funny and sarcastic.
  7. 7. Dynamism• In terms of dynamism, I would rate his speech to be a 3.5 because:• He didnt’t follow one of the most important commandments which is to not read your speech.• He could have made more eye contact with the public.
  8. 8. Tips• To think outside the box is always better.• Being different is not a bad thing• Believe in yourself• Be brave and dream big
  9. 9. Lesson Learned• It is not good to stare at a piece of paper while you are trying to give the audience a message.• Even if the speech is great, eye contact will help you get the message through.
  10. 10. • Be confident, funny and professional when you speak.• Give personal stories so that the listener can understand your point of view.
  11. 11. Compare and ContrastKen Robinson Steve JobsHe wasnt standing in a podium, he was Stood behind the podium and didn’tmoving around. move at all.He moved his hands to captivate the Had his hands in the paper where hisaudience while he talked. speech was written.Made eye contact all around the room Didnt make as much eye contact.Very funny Not as funnyIt felt natural yet he knew his topic It felt rehearsedBelieves that creativity is not found in He did not go to college because it wasntschool, it is diminished. interesting to him.Being creative and doing what you love is Being creative and doing what you love isthe most important the most important
  12. 12. Tips for my classmates• Be clear in your main idea• Talk about personal stories to help captivate the listener
  13. 13. • Be funny but professional• Make eye contact
  14. 14. • Don’t read your speech• Rehearse
  15. 15. • Have fun, don’t be so stiff• Be yourself