www.onlineconveyancingfees.co.uk - the best conveyancing fee comparison site on the web!


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Find out about how to save money when moving house by comparing conveyancing fees from specialist companies serving the whole of England and Wales

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www.onlineconveyancingfees.co.uk - the best conveyancing fee comparison site on the web!

  1. 1. www.OnlineConveyancingFees.co.uk Save Money By Comparing Conveyancing Quotes Online
  2. 2. Learn More About Conveyancing Fees• Conveyancing fees are the charges levied by legal professionals for aiding clients in the transfer of property ownership from one party to another. Purchase as well as sale of real estate has to be done legally. If any legal requirement is left out, then the property transfer may be null and void. This is why it is necessary to hire a licensed conveyancer or property solicitor to handle the legal aspects of transferring property.
  3. 3. • Different conveyancers charge differently for their services. This is advantageous to the prospective property buyer. He or she can shop around and identify the solicitor whose price is the most pocket friendly. Some specialists in this field have exorbitant rates for service provision. It is important to look for ways of cutting down on costs since the entire process of purchasing property is relatively expensive.
  4. 4. • Property buyers are many times advised to settle for fixed fee conveyancing services. Here, the client is charged a specific amount which is agreed upon beforehand by both the solicitor and the client. The amount agreed upon does not change until the property has been transferred successfully. This is usually the most preferred mode of payment for legal services related to property transfer.
  5. 5. • The other mode of payment is more of pay-as-you-go. There if no fixed amount agreed upon. Charges are levied on the buyer at each step of the transfer process. In the end, a buyer could end up paying less than one who settled for the fixed fee payment. In the same breath, he or she could end up paying much more to the solicitor.
  6. 6. • Pay as you go continued.. The main disadvantage of this mode of payment is that there is the constant risk of spiraling costs. A buyer cannot adequately budget for legal services when paying through a non-fixed fee method.
  7. 7. • Professional conveyancers work either for conveyancing firms or property solicitor firms. On many occasions, solicitors hired through a firm will charge higher fees for their services as compared to sole practitioner conveyancers.
  8. 8. • This is because some people believe that sole practitioners are not as professional as those employed through firms. This should not be taken to mean that individual solicitors are non-professionals. Despite their services being slightly cheaper, many of them are very professional and competent.
  9. 9. • It is very important for a potential real estate buyer to ask for estimates of the expected cost of service from solicitors before embarking on the purchase. These estimates will give him or her a rough idea of how much he or she will have to put aside for legal services. Buying real estate is never a cheap undertaking. The buyer needs to budget well in order to cater for all expenses adequately. Having estimates helps to ensure effective budgeting.
  10. 10. • After getting estimates on the expected conveyancing fees, it is advisable to set aside a higher amount than that provided for in the estimates. It is better to have extra money left at the end of the property transfer than to run short of funds before the transaction is done. Estimates can never be a hundred percent accurate and it would not be wise to reserve a fixed amount of money based on an estimate.
  11. 11. • Visit www.onlineconveyancingfees.co.uk to learn more about comparing conveyancing fees, or…• Go straight to the comparison page at www.onlineconveyancingfees.co.uk/conveyan